A War Of Dark And Light Forces Awaits Us

624.03Question: Four months of the virus flew by in an instant and there was practically no particularly positive news. There were snowfalls, storms, fires, earthquakes. Iran is developing a nuclear bomb again. Look what is happening in America: riots and fiery arguments. There was no good news. Man lives in this space.

How can he live among all the terrible news that befell him during these 4 to 5 months?

Answer: Let’s at least make people around the world embrace a week of positive thoughts. Only positive thoughts! Nothing else can be done. Just think positively about others.

Question: Do you think it would work if we could hold on to this for a week?

Answer: Let’s try. What can we lose? It is from this, I think, that we do not lose anything.

It doesn’t cost anything. No one should postpone anything. We must not stop anything; we must continue living just like we do now. It is just that throughout this week, we will talk only about good relations. And how much, perhaps, we will gain from this. Let’s take a look. We have all these statistics. And suddenly, we will see what we are doing only if we say kind things. Try.

Question: How is all this arranged? From above?

Answer: Of course, from above: the United States, UN, World Health Organization, UNESCO.

Question: That is, to stop political games and say: “Let’s try to live like this for a week”?

Answer: Yes, of course. But the fact is that they will not want it because it will immediately be discovered that we do not need anything other than this.

Remark: You always have a turning point at the end when you say: “But this is impossible.” You suggest: “Let’s do it!” And you immediately say: “But this is impossible.”

Answer: It is possible, but impossible.

Question: That is, no one will agree to this?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So what is our practical advice then?

Answer: But there is no practical advice here. Our egoism will not allow us to do this.

Question: So, you think that only this will help, but our egoism will not allow us to do it?

Answer: Yes.

Remark: There is a dead end here. We are in it again. Please take us out of this impasse.

My Reply: We must nullify all egoistic relationships. We will see how much we stand face to face in front of huge egoism, and we have nowhere to go. What are we going to do without it, my dear?

Remark: That is, we want this week of good thoughts to come, we cannot; we stand against the egoism and it tells us: “You will never do this! Because then you will nullify me”?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is this a good state? Is it important for such a standing to appear?

Answer: Of course, good. Then we would at least move a little forward.

Question: Would we understand what hinders us in this life?

Answer: Yes. But we cannot, we cannot. As the famous Russian stand-up comic Raikin said about the deficit: “Well, you should at least leave something.” 🙂

We must still try to explain it. So that when even worse times come—the virus for the second time, for the third time—it will finish us off, weaken us, and we will agree. At least for such half measures.

Question: That is, to talk about what is now impossible. Is it necessary to talk about good relationships between person to person, a week of good thoughts, and so on?

Answer: Anyway, everything will finally get to this.

Question: Will egoism eventually give up?

Answer: No! There will be a huge war, an internal war, a spiritual war of forces! A war of dark and light forces. This is a biblical war, which is described in the sources. The children of light and the children of darkness.

Question: Is this a war between good deeds and egoism?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So, what is next? What does it say at the end?

Answer: In the end, the good forces will win. But only after a huge internal struggle, which they must accomplish internally.

Question: Each person out of eight billion must go through all this?

Answer: Absolutely everyone!

Remark: In fact, you say that the script has already been written.

Answer: We will finish off this scenario.

Question: But has it been written already?

Answer: No. Not the final one. There are such scenes there!

Question: There is a role for my freewill too?

Answer: Absolutely!

Question: So, I have to choose something?

Answer: Yes. What I command. Moreover, it will happen during the most critical scenes. Not in general but on the whole, everything is directed toward the victory of the good forces over the dark forces, but we command all turns and special states, we determine them.

Every second we will have to give our solution through our freewill and pressure to make it come true. Everything will depend on us! Although, everything is predetermined.

Question: But this is so incomprehensible to a person! That is, he will walk with the feeling that it is good for the light to win, constantly face the darkness, understand that he will not overcome the darkness; this is impossible, and we will still somehow continue?

Answer: Of course, yes. And we will grow, like sprouts from the earth, in a new form, in an altruistic society. This is no longer an earthly society. This is a completely different view.

This is a completely different birth. And we will exist in it in a different way—in the form of forces, in the form of a plan, in the form of thoughts.

Question: You always give an example that a child is born upside down. I understand that I will never get through this, and suddenly an overturning, and I find myself there?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is someone pushing us out or are we born ourselves?

Answer: No, of course, all this is done by nature, by a higher nature. It pushes us and gives birth.

Question: Only efforts are needed from us?

Answer: We must conform to this, accompany it. This will all happen very quickly, unnoticed. And all these viruses will accompany us until our new birth.

Question: So, it turns out that viruses are actually a thrusting force?

Answer: Yes. They shape us. They do everything.

The most important thing is not what they do in our world biologically, but that they give rise to an attitude in us toward a new perception. It is most important.

In general, everything will be fine.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/15/20

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