Apocalypse Or Birth Of The New

laitman_592.01Question: In translation from Greek “crisis” means turning point. In Chinese, these are two symbols: the first is “chance,” the second is “danger.”

That is, a crisis is a birth. What should be born?

Answer: A new society. A new person. In times of crisis, there are always a certain turn in development, a leap.

Question: Why is the future described as the apocalypse in all prophetic books? Why couldn’t they describe some good states?

Answer: Because in our development the next good step is born only with the help of great pressures, wars, like a mother gives birth to a child in great suffering. A person who understands this rejoices in the crisis. But at the same time, he worries about the suffering that everyone feels.

We all understand perfectly well the process of giving birth to a child. It is a very complicated ordeal for a female body, although it is perfectly adapted to it. During labor, there is always a great load on the fetus that must get out through the birth canal under very serious, pressured conditions.

Imagine that a new society is born in the same way. Nature must put a lot of pressure on us so that we want to be born different.

It must force us to demonstrate the right direction and put a certain amount of effort to become different. We need to get to a condition when we must at all costs leave our comfortable intrauterine state and change it to a rather uncomfortable external state.

So there are a lot of problems here. To this day, under all progressive conditions, humanity looks at the birth of a child as something special and does not take it for granted.

Question: Of course, the birth process itself is difficult. But why did Kabbalists describe the final state as some kind of apocalypse?

Answer: Yes, it looks like an apocalypse. After all, those strains under which a baby is born should affect human society at its birth at a new level. And, of course, we will experience these states as very unpleasant. Therefore, we need to educate ourselves so that we feel them as necessary.

A baby is in its mother’s body with its head up, and at birth it turns its head down and exits through the birth canal. In the same way, with the birth of a new society, the consciousness of humanity, its entire worldview, is turning upside down.

Birth is absolutely opposite to the prenatal state. When a man is spiritually born, he reveals a different, upper world.

Question: But what does he see? Today I experience this world through my five senses. I have certain principles on which my worldview is based. And what will change? What will I start to see?

Answer: You will begin to see the surrounding world in a completely different way. You will see the forces that control it, and your abilities to affect this world.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/7/20

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