Are Humans A Virus?

752.3Comment: People are a virus. This is the opinion of one of a few movements for saving nature, for saving the environment, which is called “Eco-fascism.”

“Global warming threatens humanity. The industrial economy is destroying species diversity. Corporations have too much power. White people should prepare for a racial war,” the movement adheres to this slogan.

They believe that it is necessary to isolate people from nature, and it is desirable that viruses such as the coronavirus and other epidemics, destroy some of the people. And there will remain the part of humanity that can actively develop, support nature, ecology, and reasonable consumption.

My Response: I do not think these movements are worthy of attention.

Are humans a virus? Yes, people in today’s state are a negative, selfish force of nature. They always had it, but today it has developed to such a state where they themselves cannot bear it. Therefore, this state is already becoming relatively positive, the so-called awareness of the evil of its nature. Therefore, within human society, all kinds of movements opposite to their nature arise.

I respect humanity for the fact that it is looking for the answer to: what should we do with ourselves? We are so harmful, bad, we are so terrible, but where can we turn, what can we do with ourselves?

We must come to a serious and real conclusion that out of all those existing on planet earth, we are the only harmful one. Not because we eat inanimate, vegetative, animate nature, but because of what we do to ourselves.

First, by destroying inanimate, vegetative, and animal nature, we bring enormous harm to the environment. But at the same time, we do great harm to ourselves because we eat ourselves, figuratively speaking, from the inside.

Man is the only creature that possesses negative energy, a negative property called “egoism,” which is ready to kill everything and everyone. Not for your own benefit, but only so that nothing else exists nearby. He wants to see himself as the only one in the center of the world and not to have others in this world at all.

Question: You spoke about the search that a person leads, the search for a way out, the search for a solution to the current situation and, in general, the change in the paradigm of the entire life of all mankind. How can he find this root point of evil in order to eradicate it and start a new movement?

Answer: He cannot find it. Even if he sees how something can be changed, he does not have the strength to do it. He needs a clear implementation of the program of nature—how a person can change himself. This is inherent in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

It indicates how people should unite with each other in order to extract from nature the positive force that unites them, and with the help of such unification, to channel this force through themselves to the whole environment.

We must inversely change our nature and become altruists instead of egoists.

The correct change of human nature to absolute goodness, to love for one’s neighbor, should be at the heart of human ethics and triumph.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/1/20

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