Are We Fulfilling Our Function?

laitman_547.05Question: Scientists say that the more a society or an organism is developed, the more vulnerable they become.

Now even the smallest blow is very strongly felt by a person. For example, many perceive isolation at home as a strong blow. We have been staying home for a month and we cannot take it anymore! People are going crazy. In the past, they did not go anywhere at all, they lived in their villages and communicated only with fellow villagers.

Is there a connection between egoism and our desires? Are egoism and desire the same thing? Or is it the form of filling a desire called egoism?

Answer: Indeed, people have lived in the same village for generations, without going beyond its borders, and nothing terrible has happened to them. Today, a person lives in a big city and he does not have enough. He gets on a plane and flies to other countries to travel somewhere several times a year. He needs change because his desires change. His desires are growing.

Remark: The concept of egoism comes from the Latin word “ego”—I. It means a person’s behavior, which is entirely determined by the thought of his own advantage and benefit when a person puts his interests above the interests of other people.

My Comment: Absolutely.

Question: Is the fact that a person flies around the world a lot, is engaged in music and art, not called egoism? I cannot harm others with this. Why is this bad?

Answer: Here we are already entering a completely different area.

What is man destined for and does he fulfill his function from the point of view of the system of nature? It may seem that he is a calm, normal person who has not done anything bad in his life. But in fact, he caused great harm to all of nature. Like a screw in a huge machine that does not spin, and the machine is disabled because of it.

So, is he doing something or not? He may say: “I am not doing anything. What do you want from me?” But in fact, his importance is such that the whole machine may not be suitable for proper use because of this small screw.

Question: Do you think that every person living in this world has caused some harm to nature?

Answer: Undoubtedly! Because we are all in an integrated system.

All nature is absolute, integral! All its parts are interconnected. Each of them has its own program, its own goal, which is part of the general program and the general goal of all of nature, which moves like a huge, complex machine. The whole mechanism of nature takes into account the participation of each of us.

Question: What specific harm does an ordinary person living, say, in Latin America cause to all? He does not pump oil, he does not fly to other countries, he does not even use this oil. What harm could he cause?

Answer: He is an integral part of humanity, its small particle, a small screw. He needs to study where and how he must act in order to be connected with all of humanity and fulfill his function. If he does not fulfill this function, he causes harm.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/23/20

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