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My Thoughts On Twitter 7/16/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

From time to time, it is necessary to activate within the feeling of responsibility for actualizing the spiritual gene (Reshimo) you were given. What are you going to do with it? How will you actualize it? After all, you are responsible precisely for its actualization. Nothing else is demanded of you!

The end of the American Dream. The aspiration to be in America, the esteem for America, as the land of limitless possibilities has ended with the conclusion of humanity’s egoistical development. The ego is revealing its finiteness, it is dying off. And people haven’t a clue as to what will replace it, or how.
From Twitter, 7/16/20

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New Life 1248 – The Mechanism Of Contagion

New Life 1248 – The Mechanism Of Contagion
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

We are living in an integral world that is closed like a ball, and this field ties the still, vegetative, animate, and human levels of nature together. People could live on a small desert island and the coronavirus would still reach them because, just as there is a subterranean connection between all the plants, there is also such a connection between all creatures found in nature. We don’t feel these networks that connect us so we don’t understand how they work, but viruses are transmitted like radio waves. We are connected in a field of egoistic thoughts that are anti-systemic, like a virus.

We transmit thoughts and desires, which is why people in different places suddenly think alike. The viruses pass through the field of thoughts and then materialize in biological form. When a person does not relate to others well, he inserts a negative charge into this field and weakens the system.

Negative thoughts spread without any effort because a human being’s heart is evil from his youth. Once we had collectively crossed a certain threshold of negative thoughts, the coronavirus broke out as an expression of our mutual hatred. Positive thoughts or desire for the benefit of others is anti-viral and stops the contagion. You need to have a positive inclination in order to have positive thoughts and be on the same wave length as nature. Only integral education will enable us to create good viruses and overcome the bad ones.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1248 – The Mechanism Of Contagion,” 6/3/20

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Final Correction Is On Its Way!

laitman_962.2We have already passed through so many different tests in our history, and now we have only one special state left: final correction. We need to reveal this state of final correction to see that it is realized here and now in everything that happens to us.

The final correction is already underway, it has come into effect, and we are in this process. Let’s just open our eyes to this, and not judge with such a narrow, blinkered, selfish view of what is good for us and what is bad.

Let’s expand our perception and see what the Creator is doing to all of humanity. He does not take into account our material life, but looks at how to fill all levels of desire, all HaVaYaH, all reality in an infinite measure.

This is how you need to see His attitude, let’s try to open our mind, our heart, to see that everything is done correctly, for our benefit, more and more is revealed openly. Look what the Creator does! He reveals himself to us in an integral form, around the entire globe. This has never happened since the creation of the world!

Humanity was scattered all over the earth from ancient Babylon, and now the Creator is once again bringing us together, into one family, albeit due to a blow. In fact, this blow is not so terrible; it is more psychological. Let’s approach it with understanding and awareness, try to justify the actions of the Creator and understand their necessity in order to attain Him. And then we will not see any problem in what is happening.

Try to see this process this way. The Creator gradually, with great care, inclines us to correction and slowly reveals our faults to us. He does this on a global scale.

We don’t understand what’s happening to us. In fact, now during the coronavirus pandemic, internal changes are taking place in each of us. Sometimes you can even notice how something changes in us: physically, mentally, psychologically, you just need to be more sensitive and subtle. We are all changing, all of humanity, from the most advanced people to the simplest, all over the world.

The upper light affects us, it moves closer and closer to reveal itself in us, and we must pass through these states with its help. You will have to suffer a little to feel that we have one common trouble because otherwise we can’t be linked together. With a good life, people move away from each other, and a common misfortune brings them closer. Therefore, the Creator brings us together with great care and love. He unites us with a common misfortune, someone’s illness and death.

But in this situation, we have time to think, to change internally. A wise man is one who sees a future perspective, that is, a new state that is born out of it. It is necessary to understand that all this leads us to an eternal and perfect, beautiful state—to the right connection between us in which the upper force, the field of the upper light, will be revealed, and will fill our minds and feelings with infinite attainment.

We will rise to the level of faith above reason. And we cry and blame the Creator for what He does to us, because we look out of our narrow egoism. It seems to us that all this is not good because we are separated from the final goal and evaluate only the momentary state. We need to think carefully about what is happening to us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/9/20

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Little By Little The Creator Will Correct Us

laitman_962.3How can I approach the correct perception of reality day by day if the inner sensation and impressions of what is happening around becomes closer to complete collapse every day?

I perceive this not as destruction, but as spiritual work performed by the Creator, which gives us the opportunity to reflect on who we are, what we are, and in what state we are. And although we have not yet turned our thoughts in the right direction, the fact that the whole globe is reflecting on what will occur and what will happen is already a big correction.

Little by little the Creator will correct us. We do not agree with this yet, but He will correct that as well.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/9/20

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Narrow Path “Between The Straits”

629.4The countdown of the three-week period, which is called “between the straits,” that is, through adversity, through a narrow painful corridor, has begun. This time refers to the destruction of the Temple. This is not about a material building that collapsed in Jerusalem, but about a spiritual Temple.

Material time is an imprint of a spiritual time; therefore, in our world there are symbolic dates that have spiritual roots.

The time between the straits symbolizes a spiritual state in which we had to withstand spiritual pressure but could not resist and were broken, that is the Temple was destroyed, the spiritual screen, the wall. And today we recall this crumbling.

It is said that “every day in which the Temple is not restored, it is as if it falls anew.” This is until we again build the Temple, our spiritual vessel (Kli), with ten Sefirot interconnected and ready to hold the light of Hochma inside, the greatest light. The light of Hochma will fill the Kli, and this will mean that the Temple is restored.

The Temple must be built in our hearts, in our common desire, not from stones. It will be the Third Temple, perfect. The First and Second Temples were built by a small group that came out of Ancient Babylon and went through the Egyptian exile. Then they were destroyed, as it was supposed to happen.

But we will build the Third Temple together with the whole world, internally, in hearts and desires, filling them with the perfect revelation of the Creator, the light of Hochma. With such a Temple, such a state will exist forever because it involves all souls who are making all the corrections and are completely filled with the Creator.

We need to come to this, and according to the signs now being revealed, we are very close to this state. This should not take much time, we only need to want to re-build ourselves internally so that there is only one desire.

In all the states being revealed, one must strive to unite as one person with one heart. Nothing more is needed, just try our best, as if this is our last chance for salvation from selfishness.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/9/20

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Man—The Highest Level Of Nature

709Question: Why is man the crown of nature? Perhaps there are more highly developed beings in nature and our life depends on them?

Answer: We see from our system of knowledge and sensations that man is the highest being.

Although, of course, we can hardly be called the crown of nature because our egoism destroys everything. But within the system of inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human nature, man is the peak of creation, harmful and very flawed, but the peak nonetheless. If he corrects himself, and he can change himself, then he will truly be the pinnacle in every sense.

We humans are the ultimate goal of creation, not in our present form, but in the one that we can and must achieve.

This form of existence will be achieved when we overcome our egoistic nature that we were born with and have developed in. Therefore, we must come to its realization as evil, the opposite of the general system, the common integral desire.

When we correct our egoistic desire to an altruistic one, our distance and separation to connection and closeness, we will truly become the highest level of nature.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/30/20

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Which Is Healthier—The Good Or The Evil?

laitman_547.04Question: You have repeatedly said that it is possible to conduct a statistical experiment: to take 1,000 people who live in this world egotistically—I care for myself and you care for yourself, they suppress or dominate others—and take 1,000 other people who are beginning to move toward each other, to connection with each other, and are beginning to clarify what it means to love your neighbor as yourself, and how not to do to others what you do not want done to you.

And if you thoroughly check the statistics regarding the 1,000 people in both groups, you will find that those who start a positive process of love for their neighbors will be much healthier and not prone to depression.

Is there any direct correlation here?

Answer: It is not as simple and primitive as it seems. Otherwise, nature would create us like that and that is it! We would be just clockwork toys that would nod to each other like bobbleheads?

Comment: I would be glad to see such a logical connection: I behave well, and am healthier.

My Response: No. Then everyone would be egoistic like that.

The fact is that in order to create a person similar to the Creator, he must be put against the Creator. It means creating the exact opposite. And then, a person should make himself similar to the Creator. By himself! By his own efforts. The problem is how to do it.

It will not work otherwise, because if you make a man just like the Creator, it would be a toy. It would be just a copy and that is it. He would be made and thrown away. There would be nothing in him from himself.

And if a man is opposite to the Creator and at the same time begins to create his similarity to the Creator by himself, then this will be Man. That is, having been created opposite, he will independently begin to fight within himself to become similar to the Creator. And this contrast will remain in him as his clear egoistic foundation.

Question: What is the Creator?

Answer: He is the anti-egoistic property of bestowal, the property of love. And a man will ask the Creator for it.

Question: That is, he will want to become loving and bestowing, like the Creator?

Answer: Yes.

Question: How can this desire emerge in him, in such a receiver?

Answer: The Creator arouses this desire in him. That is, He makes a man from egoism, a property opposite to Himself, and apart from that, he puts a small drop of His property in a person. Thus, a person consists of two parts, two sources. And here such opposite states are fighting in him, and he is simply torn apart from within—what, where, and how. And everyone is like that in his own way.

And if he reaches such a state when he really wants to make himself similar to the Creator, then he must ask the Creator for this. Can you imagine such work?!

To find within yourself the strength and desire to become similar to the Creator, that is, the opposite of yourself, and ask the Creator to make you the opposite of yourself. Then the Creator gradually, sequentially, step-by-step carries out such corrections on you. And a person gradually becomes more and more similar to the Creator.

This process is not easy, it breaks a person and twists him around with a grinding sound: kh, kh, kh! And then a man becomes a Man, Adam, similar to the Creator.

Question: You say that the time has come when a person begins to move toward this breakage by himself. He begins to feel the point of the Creator in himself more and more. What, besides suffering, makes him pay attention to it now?

Answer: When this point begins to speak up in a person, then there are no questions. It is just right, this is the truth, it is my innermost point, and it is the foundation of the world. This is the point of the Creator. This property is from a completely different level.

Comment: The Creator Himself creates a person to receive and for this world. He Himself inserts a point into a person that is similar to the Creator. He Himself turns it on and leads a person to Him. All this is done by the Creator.

My Response: Of course.

Question: The same question constantly arises here: “Don’t I have any freewill?”

Answer: You do. You are present for all this and still want this. You are a witness, an accomplice, a partner in this process.

Question: What is my main task here?

Answer: To want the Creator to do this to you: “Break! Break me.”

Question: Will a simple person understand you?

Answer: He will. He will understand that it is impossible to live in this state anymore. He will understand that he cannot bear himself.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 5/11/20

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The Time Of The Last Generation Is Coming

laitman_621Comment: Currently there is a lot of speculation about what will happen after the coronavirus. There are a lot of fears, mostly from the fact that there will be no work. People don’t have money right now. They are afraid of new viruses, they are afraid to leave their homes, they are afraid to send children to kindergartens, etc.

Surveys show that few people see the light at the end of the tunnel. Kabbalists say that this is the time of the “last generation.”

Many people are afraid of this word “last” generation. After all, the last one means that there will be nothing after it.

Please explain to ordinary people what the last generation is.

My Response: In the state of the last generation, we gradually prepare ourselves to move to the next state, the state of soul. To do this, it is not necessary to die physically, but simply to start living, to exist in a state of spiritual connection.

A sign of the last generation is that humanity has come close to correcting and getting rid of its egoism.

We will not need to pursue all the material and egoistic values. We will quietly be able to exist very simply, to the point that we will no longer pay attention to material values, to material life. We will only have direction toward the spiritual, meaning the connection between us. We will come to a state where we value only mutual interconnection in each other.

We will begin to work together to be even more than friends, even more than one whole.

Question: Do you think that humanity is now moving in this direction?

Answer: I see it absolutely clearly. Moreover, this movement is quite intense.

Question: You keep saying that nature will make us come to this connection. If we resist it, it will constantly force us. How do I make a person feel it? He needs to feel that he is a complete egoist? Isn’t that what’s important?

Answer: He will feel this as he goes along. On the one hand, he will feel that he has pressure to get closer to others, and on the other hand, when he begins to do this, he will feel the resistance of his egoism. He will understand that what is preventing him from connecting is his ego. As it is, he doesn’t even know where he is, his egoism.

Question: What are the laws of the last generation?

Answer: In principle, these are the laws that come from unity.

Question: A person should understand that there is no other way out?

Answer: Absolutely! We have no other choice. We have already stepped out on the road. There is no turning back now.

Question: So my task now is to agree, accept this, and start moving smoothly, little by little, toward this connection, to start talking and thinking about it?

Answer: Exactly. Understand that everything that exists is integrally interconnected. And we must be mutually connected with each other and with the rest of nature. Until we can love each other so much that “the wolves will dwell with the sheep,” we will not achieve our mission.

In other words, we must lead all of nature to reciprocity and love where all in nature will only care for each other because people care for each other.

Question: Does everything start with people? Is this the top? As soon as a person reaches this state, everything will be settled?

Answer: Yes. If I go to integrality in nature, all of nature will become integral.

A person can already see it from the virus. And the virus won’t let us go so we don’t think we can get out of this business. We must go only to global integral interaction. There we will find a right, good, easy existence. Which means, here we need to reconstruct ourselves.

Question: In order for us to rebuild ourselves, a humane, loving nature can bring us to great pain?

Answer: We, as egoists, do not want to change. It seems to us that a humane and loving nature should accept us as we are. It has created us to be the opposite of our final, correct state, and brings us to it gradually, so that we learn and understand the difference between these states. And then we’ll be adults.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman.” 5/11/20

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On The Path Of Knowledge

laitman_962.1Question: From your lectures, I understand that there is an animalistic, egoistic nature of a person. There is also the upper force that leads us to the development of our altruistic nature. However, is it possible to attain this force if we do not experience altruism in action?

Answer: It is very difficult, practically impossible. In order to actually realize a connection with the upper force, you need a group. A small group, preferably of ten people, who will engage in the same development as you.

In principle, you need to develop integral qualities within yourself in order to feel what is outside of you. If you do this in a group together with your own kind, then in the correct connection with each other, you will find exactly in your ten those qualities that begin to detect the external force, that is, the Creator, and you reveal Him in the connection between you.

Question: What you do is also a certain way of serving people, where you give them the opportunity to come into contact with the method of Kabbalah. In other words, this is a kind of altruistic path, and it is not limited to the ten. Does it mean that it does not have to be ten people? Can it also be humanity?

Answer: This is still called a ten, whether it is humanity or several people.

Question: As part of our path of knowledge, is one of the points that we are striving to reach some kind of connection with the absolute through understanding Him completely?

Answer: Yes. This is the result of studying and correctly applying your forces in order to fully connect with the upper force.

Question: Is the other point to which we aim finding harmony?

Answer: Attaining harmony is based on the constant revelation that we are in the opposite state to it. However, the yearning should be precisely for harmony, to include all the forces, all the qualities, all the thoughts into one unified whole.

Question: If a person advancing along his path of knowledge came across one or another Kabbalistic form of truth, then is his further service associated with creating a space where other people can also get acquainted with it?

Answer: Of course. This is the general progress, the general correction of the world, its general advancement toward the goal. And the goal is an integral connection between us by the good forces.

From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/24/20

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