Narrow Path “Between The Straits”

629.4The countdown of the three-week period, which is called “between the straits,” that is, through adversity, through a narrow painful corridor, has begun. This time refers to the destruction of the Temple. This is not about a material building that collapsed in Jerusalem, but about a spiritual Temple.

Material time is an imprint of a spiritual time; therefore, in our world there are symbolic dates that have spiritual roots.

The time between the straits symbolizes a spiritual state in which we had to withstand spiritual pressure but could not resist and were broken, that is the Temple was destroyed, the spiritual screen, the wall. And today we recall this crumbling.

It is said that “every day in which the Temple is not restored, it is as if it falls anew.” This is until we again build the Temple, our spiritual vessel (Kli), with ten Sefirot interconnected and ready to hold the light of Hochma inside, the greatest light. The light of Hochma will fill the Kli, and this will mean that the Temple is restored.

The Temple must be built in our hearts, in our common desire, not from stones. It will be the Third Temple, perfect. The First and Second Temples were built by a small group that came out of Ancient Babylon and went through the Egyptian exile. Then they were destroyed, as it was supposed to happen.

But we will build the Third Temple together with the whole world, internally, in hearts and desires, filling them with the perfect revelation of the Creator, the light of Hochma. With such a Temple, such a state will exist forever because it involves all souls who are making all the corrections and are completely filled with the Creator.

We need to come to this, and according to the signs now being revealed, we are very close to this state. This should not take much time, we only need to want to re-build ourselves internally so that there is only one desire.

In all the states being revealed, one must strive to unite as one person with one heart. Nothing more is needed, just try our best, as if this is our last chance for salvation from selfishness.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/9/20

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