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What To Focus Your Thoughts On

laitman_202.0Question: What is it worth focusing on in a world of uncertainty, even in terms of work and family?

Answer: First of all, you need to learn how to make money from things you and other people need. It may not be such a high-profile job, but people need you. They need the results of your work.

Secondly, we need a family, a home, a job to provide for our family. However, in addition to the absolutely necessary things, we must think only about spiritual development, about how to begin feeling the world the way it really is and not distorted as it is in our egoistic qualities. And then it will become a completely different world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/17/20

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The Virus Will Continue Working On Us

laitman_283.01Question: If we analyze the evolution of our desires, almost all scientific discoveries were made in the middle of the last century, and recently we have not revealed anything new. From the mid-20th century until the crisis in 2008, the desire for wealth began to develop again. The cycle repeated.

Does this mean that the next development of desires will not lead to wealth, but to power? And then back to knowledge? Or is it not a cyclical process?

Answer: I don’t think it will happen again. I want to believe that this will not happen.

I hope that we will begin to develop at the next level of the cycle, striving to understand what is driving us forward. We will want to understand the common universal law of nature, which leads us to embrace all of nature in the volume in which we can feel it today and in the volume in which it actually exists—hidden from us.

I believe that the actions of nature over us, such as the coronavirus and other problems that it will bring to us, are precisely global problems: droughts, hurricanes, swarms of locusts, etc. They will work over the entire globe, and humanity will have no time to engage in power or anything else. It will look for how to survive! This is the most important thing.

We see a small coronavirus has arrived, and what has it done? Nothing wrong. A small number of people died, less than the number of people who usually die when we were not sitting at home, but were working, walking the streets, and running to different places.

Therefore, we cannot say that the coronavirus threatens the extermination of humanity and that something totally terrible and threatening is happening.

But look at how it changed the world, the nature of society; how people calmed down, the air and water cleared, and the climate became a little different. We see how much nature needs us to stop using our dirty, crass hands to get into its structure
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/23/20

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Why Is The Value Of Family Declining?

laitman_627.1Question: In the last 20 years, the family unit began to disintegrate. Today, especially in developed European countries, a huge number of people live alone.

And now nature has put us in quarantine through the coronavirus where we are confined in the family circle, if we have one. Does this mean that nature is trying to bring us back to a natural cell?

Answer: Nature is forcing us to unite. We must come to it in the right, positive way, voluntarily realizing this necessity and also that the whole of human society, all 8 billion people, are one common organism called Adam.

Either we will consciously unite to complement each other into the system of Adam or we will be forced to do this under the pressure applied by nature, like the coronavirus.

Question: Can a family naturally learn the right attitude toward each other and then treat others the same way?

Answer: Yes. But family is a purely natural interaction. It exists in animals to a certain extent. But in human society, this unit is very special, interesting, enduring , and rich in nuances. This is the unit from which society should develop.

But since society is currently not developing in the right direction to reach the level of the Creator toward the next stage of human existence, the human level is getting destroyed. And so, the family unit is disintegrating.

Remark: Looking at the statistical data, I noticed an overwhelming amount of conflict in families. Therefore, it is unlikely that a person can learn anything by looking at the relationships that exist in the family.

My Comment: Indeed, this is so. But only because there is no goal to unite the family.

It turns out that the family exists for the husband and wife to work somewhere from morning till night. In the evening, they come home, devote a few minutes to the children, have dinner, most often with prepared foods, and go to bed. This does not unite the family, does not form a unit. Children are a burden to them. They send them to kindergarten, then to school, and rarely see them.

Life is arranged in such a way that only separates us. Thus, the very structure of life, work, and society destroys the family.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/23/20

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“Corona Parties – A Sign of Disregard For This World” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Corona Parties – A Sign of Disregard for This World

They have been around since the outbreak of COVID-19, but now it seems they have morphed into something quite bizarre. People held Corona Parties, aka, “lock-down parties,” all over the world: In the United States, Australia, Belgium, Estonia, and many other countries, young people seem to be rebelling the way young people always do, by disobeying the rules.

We are at a precarious time in our history. Millennials will not stand idly by and be led; they are active, intelligent, and inquisitive, and we must provide answers about where the world is heading.

But lately, it seems as though people are going to these parties deliberately in order to become infected with the virus. They hang around people who have tested positive or are already showing symptoms and compete for money at catching the virus.

But money isn’t the issue here, it’s the defiance. And it’s not even defiance against the authorities, as such; it’s defiance against any boundaries! People, especially young people, are wanting more and more to break the boundaries and free themselves. They are becoming unruly because the rules make them feel fettered, and they want out.

I see this as a very important and positive sign. It is a sign that people want to emerge from the perception of the world they were born into and acquire a new perception, a world without borders, orders, or limitations. What they don’t know, however, is that the world they are looking for exists only above the ego. As long as they are led by their egos, they will keep falling into the same trap of trying to escape one way, discovering it’s done them only harm, then trying to escape another way, only to discover that the new way has failed them, too.

I feel for them, I sympathize with them, and I only wish that they would discover that all they need to do in order to break the shackles of reality is think of one another and not about themselves. It is in the other that they will find a boundless world; it is in thinking about other people that they will discover a fertile soil to cultivate and express themselves freely. Only in giving can one derive strength from the work itself, and only in giving can one express oneself to the fullest.

We are at a precarious time in our history. Millennials will not stand idly by and be led; they are active, intelligent, and inquisitive, and we must provide answers about where the world is heading. If we don’t teach them how to experience the shift—that the world has become one unit, that everything we do affects everyone, that we are dependent on each other for our lives, our health, our wealth, and our happiness, and that we can’t achieve anything unless we work together, if we don’t show them all that, their curiosity will become frustration, then anger, and then violence. It is already beginning to happen; we haven’t any time to waste. From here we can either rise to the very top, or fall to the very bottom.

“Heart Jobs — The Jobs Of The Future” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Heart Jobs — the Jobs of the Future

Back in 2012, ARI Institute, of which I am the founder, published the book The Benefits of the New Economy: Resolving the global economic crisis through mutual guarantee. The book outlined a futuristic job market where few people work and provide for the needs of the rest of humanity, while all other people are occupied in “heart-jobs,” connecting their hearts and creating a social environment of mutual responsibility and care. A few years later, the idea began to take hold as governments began to toy with the notion of Universal Basic Income (UBI) which stipulates that governments guarantee people’s basic livelihoods. Journalist Thomas Friedman grasped the idea more clearly in 2017 when he wrote that in the future, people will have to “create more value with hearts and between hearts.” In an interview with the British Council, Friedman said, “We used to work with our hands. Machines replaced that but we started to work with our heads instead in a knowledge economy. …Next I think we’re going to work more with our hearts.” He was right; machines will do the rest.

The social benefits from such jobs are obvious: solidarity, absence of crime and violence, enhanced mental and emotional resilience, and a general sensation of contentment with life. But there is another major benefit that this occupation will present: personal realization of aspirations.

A Future of Zero Unemployment and Absolute Satisfaction

When it comes to working with the heart, there is no such thing as unemployment. Everyone can and must contribute. We need to understand that the world is going through a major shift. People are developing a new and fresh approach to reality, even if they’re not yet aware of it. The “jobs” we’ll have in the emerging reality will require working with our thoughts about each other, our social connections, and our desires, while machines do the physical and “intellectual” work.

The “jobs” we’ll have in the future will require our internal powers. Until today, we have employed only one natural force — the egoistic force that strives to benefit the self at the expense of others. But the world has come to a point where we cannot keep using only that force since it is pushing human society and the whole planet into a chasm of unbridled selfishness.

Unlike humans, nature is balanced, with two forces that operate in it — a positive, giving force alongside a negative, receiving force. Now, we too must tap into the positive force and activate it if we want to restore balance in our world. Just as our will power, our passions and desires pushed us to great achievements for ourselves, now they will push us to achieve great things for all of reality, and especially for human society. We will still work with our desires, with our will power, but that desire will work in the opposite direction than the one we have utilized thus far; it will work toward uniting people together in a bond of care and affection, warmth, and love, above all the contrasts in human society.

It’s not as if we haven’t been using the positive force altogether. We have, but only on a very basic, biological level, to keep our bodies healthy. But when it comes to our social lives, we lean far too much toward self-centeredness, to the point that throws human society off balance and evokes the clashes and conflicts we are seeing today.

So now that more and more people have ample free time, we must begin to overhaul society. People’s basic sustenance must be secured, either via monetary benefits or stamps or delivery of goods to everyone, while their time is filled with social activities that enhance the giving force within them.

The new “job” will require everyone’s participation. Since it concerns reshaping all of society, everyone will partake in the transformation: men, women, those with “regular” jobs, and those without.

The social benefits from such jobs are obvious: solidarity, absence of crime and violence, enhanced mental and emotional resilience, and a general sensation of contentment with life. But there is another major benefit that this occupation will present: personal realization of aspirations. Since people will contribute their skills and energy to benefit the society, the society will have a vested interest in the personal fulfillment of people’s dreams. If, for instance, a person dreams of being a great scientist, is it not in the interest of society to help realize that person’s dream? What about a great leader, athlete, or anything that one may want to do? As long as one uses one’s talents to benefit the society, the society will have a vested interest in realizing those ambitions. And the best part about it is that once a person achieves one’s goal, he or she will discover that the greatest joy is not in completing the feat, but that completing it makes other people happy. This will be the utmost confirmation that one’s goal has been worthy, and nothing is more rewarding than to know that one’s goal in life has been a worthy one, and has made a lasting, memorable impression on humanity.

There will be labor pangs along the way to this ideal society, but it is already within reach. The sooner we begin to work on building it, the sooner it will become our reality. The necessity to leave the ego-based existence is already evident; now it is up to us to determine how long it will take to build a balanced world of mutual care and solidarity.

On The Threshold Of A New Formation: “Integral Society” Part 1

laitman_592.01The coronavirus turned our whole life upside down, instantly stopping production. As if someone had turned off a switch and stopped a mechanism that worked according to certain laws, according to a certain routine and familiar patterns.

Suddenly, all this stopped and humanity entered a new era, leaving businessmen in complete confusion and uncertainty about what will happen next.

It seems that every day the laws of the new world, which the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us, began to manifest themselves more and more. They should replace the old world we still exist in with our egoistic psychology. It is clear that something completely new is being born that obliges us to change our attitude to life, to work, to family, to ourselves, and to the world.

Further, all depends on whether we will be stubborn like naughty children who do not want to listen to their parents, and therefore will be forced to learn the laws of the new world that nature teaches us by the stick. Let us hope that we will be able to explain to all of humanity that we are witnessing a change in social structure right before our eyes.

Throughout our history, we have gone through many formations: the primitive communal system, slavery, feudalism, and capitalism. And now we are entering a new formation, which is completely different from all previous ones because it is based on a fundamentally new relationships between people.

All of us will have to get closer to each other, understand that we live in an integral world, and that we are obliged to bring human society in line with this integral world; that is, we must build an integral society. Only in this form can we survive in modern conditions and move to a new stage quickly, easily, and pleasantly, with understanding and awareness.

Otherwise, nature will have to urge us on with blows, third and fourth world wars, and terrible sufferings, about which the prophets wrote that “merciful mothers will eat their babies.” In other words, a person will completely lose his human appearance when passing from one formation to another.

We are at a transition stage, from the principles that have been nurtured in humanity for many generations to completely new laws that will now have to be implemented in production. But to do this, first people need to change, not just businesses. In order to organize a new production sphere that operates under different laws, it is necessary to change the businessmen themselves so that they know how to do it.

First of all, businesspeople and company owners must agree with the need for change in themselves, recognize that they live in a new time that requires them to make qualitative changes. No matter what kind of change it is, I know that I must accept it, no matter what, because without it there will be no life for me, my family, or the whole world.

And although I do not like or want these changes that break my old habits, I know that this is the call of the time. First of all, there must be an agreement to change, that is where it all starts. This is called the point of recognition of evil. Everything that was before is no longer good, and therefore is called evil.

And it is possible that it was very good for the time being but no longer corresponds to today’s principles, and therefore is considered evil. Whether I want it or not, I must give it up and enter a new life, a new format.

Entrepreneurs will have to realize that the demand for change comes from nature. It is important to understand that this is not the machinations of banks, law enforcement agencies, or scientists-virologists, but comes from nature itself, and therefore, we can only bow our heads and accept it as sent from above. Nature is above us, and we have no choice but to study this phenomenon and accept the changes.

We need to see where nature leads us in our development. Kabbalah explains that nature leads us to integration, to the integral world, because this is the main, fundamental law of nature, which is all one. One force governs the whole of reality. The entire universe is governed by this force, and man must also be included in this force.

If we do not want it but still oblige ourselves to bow before this one force, then we make the best possible change in ourselves.

After all, from this contradiction: “against” and “for,” from our disagreement and readiness to step over it, we begin to understand what nature wants from us, by what principles it exists and realizes the entire reality, and how everyone can join into this reality with all its forces, at will, in order to swim in one common stream, along the flow of the entire universe toward the future.
From KabTV’s “A New Life,” 6/22/20

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“What Is The Real Meaning Of Spirituality?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What is the real meaning of spirituality?

Spirituality is above our corporeal reality. It is a completely opposite perception and sensation to our inborn bodily one.

We are born into an egoistic human nature, prioritizing self-benefit over benefiting others.

However, spirituality operates in an opposite, altruistic way to our egoistic nature—as an attitude of absolute love for the other.

What does it mean that we are born into an egoistic human nature? It means that everything we do is ultimately aimed at personal benefit.

The egoistic motor constantly running behind our every thought, desire and action is wrenched into our worldview more than we are aware of, blocking our ability to see us all connected, like members of a single family, since it filters out the absolute love that exists in our connections at the roots of our soul.

Therefore, every corporeal act we perform is based on this egoistic “perceptual blockage” that we all share, which constantly gravitates our attention onto ourselves.

However, a spiritual action is outside of and detached from its performer.

Instead of identifying with our “I’s,” we identify with the causal force behind its corporeal manifestations. That is made possible by attaining an identical intention toward others as the Creator: an intention of absolute love and bestowal.

Therefore, spirituality is the reality of connection with the Creator, the sensation of fulfillment by the quality of love and bestowal.

Spirituality is outside time, space, motion, and the animate body. It is felt solely in a new sense—a sincere intention to benefit the other—which is regularly exercised and developed on the spiritual path.

“What Makes A Person Truly Happy?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What makes a person truly happy?

When we connect with others as a means to reach balance with the laws of nature—laws of connection, interdependence and altruism—then this yearning guides our discovery of our perfect place in the collective system, of which we are its parts.

In the wisdom of Kabbalah, this is referred to as reaching the root of our soul, the ultimate harmonious state that we can all achieve.

The Most Important Professions

273.02Remark: The time of the epidemic brought forward people of low-ranking professions, like drivers, nurses, deliverymen, and cashiers. Now the important person is the one who delivers to the door, connecting us.

97% are household assistants, medical caretaking personnel, nurses, midwives, salesmen, and so on. That is, in the last 30 years everything was the other way around. A person with a diploma, with three degrees, with a PhD, a doctoral dissertation, and a professorship were considered quite necessary and important people.

And suddenly now the necessary, simple professions came to the forefront.

My Comment: Nature itself, our society, will allocate the necessary professions both in quantity and quality. Unnecessary universities, professions, and everything else will be closed.

However, there are a large number of professions that we need and value their qualifications.

We need to build houses; we need engineers, technicians, and technologists. We must produce cars and everything but not overburden ourselves with excesses. In anything!

This is the most important thing that the virus must do in us. It should give a person a sense of sufficiency, saturation, and fulfillment. We must evaluate everything as to how necessary it is.

Everything will be aimed at optimization. The main law of nature is that the interaction between its parts is integral, mutually complementary, correct, and accurate when you do everything that is necessary for the other, and the other does what is necessary for you, and thus you are merged.

Question: Who do you call a scientist in such a world?

Answer: A scientist is someone who understands this principle of the integrality of nature and can apply it, at least in some of the fields, and perhaps in everything.

The most important thing is to understand the principle of the integrality of nature, when everything that is done is necessary in order to complete it to integrality, to the circle, to the sphere.

This is how we must participate in it. We should only complete it. For example, is such and such profession needed anywhere, and if yes, in what quantity, in what quality, in what perspective, and so on. And if not, then we remove it.

Any profession, anything can be necessary. I approach it from the point of view that I do not understand anything about it, but let’s try to figure it out. This requires a really thoughtful, correct relationship between people when they look from the point of view of the correctness of their connection into a single society.

Question: What will be the most important professions?

Answer: The most important professions are those that teach the correct interaction of people with each other in their optimal, not excessive, complementation of each other.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 4/13/20

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