The Coronavirus: Thoughts On Life And Death

laitman_961.2Comment: In the times of the coronavirus, we are bombarded with reports of new cases and the number of the deceased. A person reads it all, absorbs it. Naturally, he develops a growing fear of death.

My Response: We are being frightened like little children. We are being provoked!

Question: What’s good about that?

Answer: It is for us to grow up! Not to stay as little children.

Question: What does our growing up entail? Thinking more about life and death? Or something else?

Answer: About its purpose! Nature gives us a hint about what we have to do. This is such help! You are being taught. We have to be grateful to this virus!

Nature doesn’t do anything without a reason. It is better that it teaches us this way than through a third world war, which we were speculating was nearing and thinking we couldn’t avoid it.

Question: What attitude should one have toward death? One way or another this question arises, especially now when one might end up on a ventilator. I am asking about my attitude toward death. What should it be now when we hear about it constantly?

Answer: You should have a serious attitude about it. Death is not an accident, it is a necessary state inherent in nature that we must go through. Death separates us from our animal body, my “I” is detached from the body, and we can be transitioned into the following states.

We can read an article about it. Here I have my teacher’s book, his articles. He writes what a person must do in order to rise above this life. Everything is written in Kabbalah.

Comment: This is written by a Kabbalist, while I am asking you about a simple person today.

My Response: What do you want with a simple person? He is like a small child, he is playing around, and he is not interested in these questions.

Comment: Can you lift me above death, help me cope with fear somehow? Tell me something about that, if you can.

My Response: I must not. Or you will begin to strive for it. You will stop being afraid of it.

Question: Should I be afraid?

Answer: Yes. Because the fear, the unknown is there specifically to encourage you to correct yourself in this world.

Question: So that I would want to rise above death, above fear?

Answer: That’s what the coronavirus reminds you of. Meaning, it is on your side; it is your friend; it cares about you. It says: “Look, you’re on the edge. So, come on, we still have time to do something that will allow us to pass this line beautifully, easily. It doesn’t even matter how. The most important thing is that you will find your world, that is, the future world, while in this life.”

Question: If I treat the virus this way, will my attitude toward life and death change?

Answer: Everything will change. We do everything in this world based on the fact that we die. And if we knew that we were not dying, but transforming, then we would act differently, in accordance with this transformation. Just as you are now working toward a pension, or a vacation, or something else, you still think not like a small child, but further ahead. So, we really need this motivation.

Comment: Please clarify the term “reincarnation.” For many, this is an “Indian” concept.

My Response: Oh no, we don’t transform into birds or trees, or anything like that.

Comment: “If you lived like a tree, you’ll become a baobab.”

My Response: No, not at all. As a matter of fact, this is very interesting. When I was in India, I saw how much this helps people accept things in life, live with them, and remain calm, philosophically inclined. But this is not the level we’re talking about. Although, when a billion people around you think this way, whether you like it or not, involuntarily you somehow fall into it.

Question: What kind of reincarnation are you referring to?

Answer: We are speaking only about the internal transformation, about the spiritual state ,of a person.

Question: Which changes how?

Answer: It becomes free of egoism. This is the transformation from this world to the upper world.

Question: When I start treating others with love?

Answer: If you start practicing this today, you would already start perceiving the upper world in your relation to another.

Question: So this is love and bestowal toward others? This is the upper world? If I start feeling this, I will begin to rise above death?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And death, does it only exist when I live for myself?

Answer: That is pure death.

Question: Living for oneself. So, actually, we are all living in the world of death?

Answer: Yes, this is what it is called.

Question: And it seemingly does not exist?

Answer: Indeed.

Comment: A person still feels sorry to leave his relatives, friends, habits, vacations, the sea.

My Response: Like a child holding on to his toys.

Question: Yes. Sometimes he comes across these toys, and he sighs a little: “I have lived.” He still feels sorry to leave any of it. How do you feel about these toys?

Answer: Only for the purpose of ascending to the upper world, only in order to master an even greater setting for giving, for love, for coming out of oneself, above oneself—only this is worth living for. Otherwise, it only serves to fill oneself with such a minute pleasure that immediately fades, disappears, or changes; it is certainly not worth it. I think the virus will help us.

Question: What is your personal attitude toward death?

Answer: I am completely at peace with it. Absolutely. I agree with the upper governance, whatever it does.

Question: Does agreeing with the upper force calm one down? That is, one immediately annuls before it?

Answer: Yes. It doesn’t matter what state a person is in. The main thing is that he accepts everything from above and in this way tries to be adhered to it.

Question: Please offer advice to a regular person, how should he treat his fears now?

Answer: I would study our materials if I were him. Now people are sitting at home, and this is the most useful thing they can do for themselves. This would bring them tangible benefits. And a way out of the virus, as well as a general way out of the crisis and an overall good attitude with a thorough understanding of life and death.

Question: And of each other?

Answer: Naturally, of each other! Good luck to us with this!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 3/30/20

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