Coronavirus: Time For Change

laitman_627.1As expected, the coronavirus will stay with us for a long time.

Many countries, seeing a decline in the number of cases, began to relax restrictions and remove quarantines. But as soon as this happened, a new wave of illnesses immediately arose.

There are many examples of this: the United States, Russia, France, Israel, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Germany, South Korea, and many others. Wherever the economy opens, the virus returns.

We need to prepare for the fact that we will have to live with the coronavirus for years, and therefore, we need to rebuild the economy accordingly. First of all, we need to find out which industries are absolutely necessary for life since we must provide food for all.

But 20% of the working population is enough for this, and the rest do not need to work. There is no need for designer clothes, expensive cars, or travel. The world should return to a normal modest life as it was before the 20th century, before the explosion of consumption and the development of many industries that are not necessary. If we don’t do it, then nature, the virus, will do it for us, and we will pay a much higher price for it, both in terms of money and in human lives.

80% of jobs will be ended one way or another, the only difference is whether it will be a spontaneous process, accompanied by huge losses, or we decide in advance that we are starting to reduce unnecessary production.

We see that people have stopped using and buying luxury or fashionable things that used to cost a lot of money, but were not necessities.

It’s okay if these businesses remain closed for a few months; still no one is buying anything. So why try to resuscitate them artificially? I’m sure people won’t rush into jewelry stores right now, even if they open them.

The state is trying to compensate everyone for their losses, but in a few months the money will run out, and then what will we do? Therefore, it is better to do the research now and understand that this is not a temporary problem, but a new form of life for a new society, a new family, a new state. It should not be like now when all sorts of interested circles put pressure on the state, and it opens the treasury to them and hands out money.

If we pay for the jewelry stores losses today, tomorrow there will be no money left to feed the hungry, which will be 50, 60, or 70% of the entire population. Now the main thing is to mobilize all forces and funds to provide everyone with the necessary food.

Water, electricity, gas, and food must all be completely accessible. Then you can think about clothing for those who need it. Open free public kindergartens and schools instead of paying for the jewelry stores that lost customers. Otherwise, we will empty the treasury in a few months, and that would be the end.

We also need a program that helps young families buy housing at an affordable price. It is necessary to build housing for ordinary citizens, and not speculate in apartments and land. This must be a real revolution, and it will happen anyway. The only difference is whether it will happen gradually, according to a well-thought-out scientific plan, or under the onslaught of an angry crowd that went out into the street to destroy everything around and establish a new order.

There have been no planned revolutions in history that were carried out on the recommendation of scientific experts. But now we see that there is no way out and we need to do something because it is obvious that if not 80%, then 40% will probably be out of work.

Those who will remain working must be provided with safe conditions so that they do not infect each other with the virus. After all, they are our breadwinners. The rest of us will stay at home and learn how to live in the new society. This new life is now years ahead, and we need to get used to the fact that we are not working, but learning. Study will be work.

This is an inevitability that we will have to accept, whether we like it or not—the coronavirus will bind us to it. We need to explain to people where this is coming from and why human society must undergo such changes, metamorphoses.

Humanity is changing and growing. We have already gone through a lot of changes and social formations in our history, and now it is time for such a change, which has not yet happened. And we must actively participate in it ourselves.

Before, formations were replaced spontaneously, because the time had come, from slavery to feudalism, then to capitalism. And now we are moving to the next stage, ceasing to live for the sake of earning, and starting to live for the sake of building a new person. This is a big revolution, because we are egoists and used to living by earning from each other. Now we will have to live to help each other—and this is a radical change.
From KabTV’s “Global Perspectives,” 5/14/20

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