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My Thoughts On Twitter 7/13/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Every day we are getting closer to the correct perception of reality, although the impression of what is happening each day is that of complete demise. It is the Creator’s work to make us realize that only the Creator Himself can correct us.
If we agree to it, He will correct us!

The fight should not be for women’s rights, but for their ability to influence society. If women want to advance, they must learn a lot and, in accordance with this, unite correctly, learn about their mission, and with fitting sense and wisdom realize their purpose.

Only by uniting can women change the situation in the world and restore order. Usually women are fighting for their own rights, for equality, which resembles a family quarrel. I’m talking about a spiritual war. #Women are the mothers of humanity. They must oblige the whole world to change.

It is written that the Third Temple is not built by people out of stone, but is built from hearts of stone that become alive, become one heart—a Temple filled with the Creator, the light of love.

In our days, we must come to realize that the Temple of love and connection that existed but was destroyed 2,000 years ago is ours to rebuild with the force of the Mashiach, which MOSHECH (pulls) us out of the ego. Thus the Temple of love and connection among all of the world’s people will be restored.

Unlike all other transitions between structures that took place following a boom of the ego in people, the true transition happens following the transformation of egoism to altruism. That is why it is so destructive, long, painful, and dependent on changing our consciousness!

The Three Weeks (Bein ha-Metzarim) symbolizes a spiritual state in which we must endure spiritual pressure. But we failed to endure, which brought about the ruin of the Temple, the spiritual screen, the bond between us. Today we remember that breaking as we prepare to rebuild the walls of the Temple, the screen!

Everybody’s waiting for the coronavirus pandemic to end. But this is only the beginning. After all, it needs to change the mindset of the entire humanity. And humanity still needs time to feel this state, to understand where it’s leading us and to what end. And then to understand how to change towards unity!

The whole world will constrict to the level of “essential and sufficient.” In this respect, humans will become like animals, as our bodies are indeed animals. And only spiritually will we devote all our efforts to being like the Creator! That kind of growth is limitless!
From Twitter, 7/13/20

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“Vaccination For A Social Epidemic” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Vaccination for a Social Epidemic

There is no stronger trigger to anxiety than the unknown. And we are currently going through a challenging time heading toward the unknown. This terrifies us. Confusion, isolation, and agitation are some of the threats to the American state of mind due to the repercussions from COVID-19. Experts believe the situation is close to a social epidemic. The only way to stay afloat in these turbulent waters is through a support network, to build an immune system against anxiety through human connection.

Far from nature and disintegrated as a society, we have declined into perpetual uncertainty.

There are so many unpredictable and uncontrollable elements in reality, which themselves depend on myriad hidden causes, that we have lost trust in multiple aspects of our society. This makes people apprehensive.

Fifty years ago, we were not so fearful about the future. We thought we would progress and things would get better. Now we do not know what tomorrow will bring and if things improve for our children. It is no longer a speculation; we see that the world is declining. We are already facing a very real fear of approaching hardships.

A person naturally wants to know the probabilities for the future; otherwise he would not be certain about how to act in the present. In the past, most people could largely expect what would be the course of their lives. Life was simple, close to the earth, guided by the seasons and close to nature.

As we internalize this premise and begin to work on our connections, we bring about warmth and affection, supportive thoughts, and concern for others.

Over the years, we moved away from the perception of nature as the root of life, as the supreme system in which we exist. We distanced ourselves from each other, glorified individual achievements, and encouraged heartless competition between us to the point that the growing egoism caused us to feel that others and nature were created only to serve us.

We do not know what will happen next. We do not understand what is affecting us or how to respond correctly. Far from nature and disintegrated as a society, we have declined into perpetual uncertainty.

Slowly, we are getting used to the shocks that impact the world, while we still wonder what force acts in reality and brings all these events upon us. It takes the element of uncertainty for us to try to find the source of everything around us and to realize that it is nature. It is the same force that is compelling us to become similar to it, interdependent and synergic.

Through tremendous pains and troubles we are gradually coming to terms with the importance of building a fortress of strong and meaningful human relations. As we internalize this premise and begin to work on our connections, we bring about warmth and affection, supportive thoughts, and concern for others.

These actions will foster our confidence in the future and navigate us safely through our current state of uncertainty.

The future society must be one where people live in order to attain connection among them because in the connection, they will discover joy and wholeness.

People are social beings. We are so dependent upon society that it should be our safe haven when we feel scarcity and fear. We need to create an environment that provides a sense of confidence, of mutual guarantee. This is all it takes to heal the social epidemic.

“Why We Hate” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Why We Hate

In all of nature, there is not an iota of hate, except in people. Animals don’t hate one another; it is a uniquely human vice. But there is a profound reason that only humans hate each other, and do so with such passion. Envy and pursuit of power and respect grow within us all the time. We are becoming increasingly unforgiving.

The more hatred increases, the more we will realize that we cannot overcome it by ourselves, yet we must overcome it or it will extinguish civilization.

In the past, you could see children playing together and enjoy each other’s company. Today, they play their game consoles, which pit them against each other, and all they care about is winning.

If you compare cats from two centuries ago with cats that live today, you will not find that they have grown more vicious. But if you compare people who lived two centuries ago to our own generation, you will find that we are far more self-centered, entitled, careless, and generally far worse people than our great grandparents. From generation to generation, we are becoming more bellicose, hurtful, and more sophisticated in our malice.

But there is a good reason for the apparent perpetual decline. We are the only species in decline since only we are destined to make a conscious correction to our nature. The reason for the spike in the levels of hatred in recent years, and particularly in the last few months, is that the hatred must become so fierce that it will force us to seek a way to mend it.

The more hatred increases, the more we will realize that we cannot overcome it by ourselves, yet we must overcome it or it will extinguish civilization. This, in turn, will drive us, even if against our will, to work on healing it together. And this compulsory cooperation against an enemy that dwells in each of us will foster in us love for one another. Were it not for the intensity of hatred, there would not be necessity to love. Were it not for our defeat in battling hatred alone, we would not turn to one another.

The hatred we feel will never vanish. If it did, so would our need to love. It is precisely the growing hatred that makes us increase the love. As we advance on “two legs,” hatred and love, we march toward knowing the depths of human emotions, how we can overcome conflicts, reign in anger and hate, and in the process, learn the depths of human nature.

Only if we understand the role and significance of hate will we be able to truly love. And when we do, we will see that all of us, all colors, races, faiths, and cultures were created hateful, but only so as to turn the hatred into love of our own volition.

Ein Sof (Infinity)—The Attitude Of The Creator To The Created Beings

712.03Baal HaSulam, Shamati #3, “The Matter of Spiritual Attainment”: Ein Sof pertains to the thought of creation, which is “His desire to do good to His creations.” This is considered Ein Sof, and it is the connection existing between Atzmuto and the souls. We perceive this connection as a “desire to delight the creatures.”

Ein Sof is determined as the Creator’s attitude to the created beings. The Creator is infinite in His desire to bring His creatures contentment and to give them eternal, whole, and absolute pleasure.

The created being can understand this only to the extent that one has a desire to enjoy in quality and quantity. A person receives from the Creator and determines His attitude to him and his attitude to the Creator.

Thus, “By Your actions we know You,” which means that we cannot say anything about the Creator but only something about His actions inside us. It is from these actions that we establish our impression of Him.

People who are in the spiritual world feel the Creator as the good that does good, and so they call Him the source of everything that is good. We, on the other hand, who have not reached the right attainment yet do not know how to define Him. Each one defines Him differently each moment.

Question: You say that the Creator is good. Is this already the Creator’s name for those who attain Him?

Answer: For those who attain Him it is. “The good that does good” is the Creator’s real name. It is an impression of the Creator, and this is how we reveal Him by yearning for Him.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/8/19

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A Self-Negating Definition

laitman_610.1Question: Is the Creator a closed and therefore limited system?

Answer: Yes. The Creator or nature is a closed limited system that is felt as such in our egoism, in our desire.

Question: Does it mean that a person himself limits nature, the Creator?

Answer: Naturally. If I grow, then I will allow nature to grow and manifest itself more and more to some limits. And to what limits, we will see later. Practically, this is an infinite limit, but it feels like the one that has the boundaries of infinity. This is a definition that negates itself.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/10/20

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The Essence Of The Creator Is Unattainable

laitman_276.02Baal HaSulam, Shamati #3, “The Matter of Spiritual Attainment”:

Hence, with respect to spiritual attainment, reality in general is divided into three discernments:


  1. Atzmuto [His Self]
  2. Ein Sof [infinity]
  3. The Souls

1) We do not speak of Atzmuto at all since the root and the place of the creatures begin in the thought of creation, where they are incorporated in the manner, “The end of an act is in the preliminary thought.”

The essence of the Creator is the most unknown, the most elusive substance from us. We don’t speak about it because we cannot attain it.

To the extent that we change, we can speak about the Creator and about His impact on us, as a result of our changes. Therefore, we determine that the result of an action is inherent in its original plan: “By Your actions we know You.” We always call the Creator according to the action that He performs on us, and this relates to His essence.

But we do not comprehend His essence just as we don’t comprehend the force of gravity, for example. We all experience it, we can measure it, we are inside it, and we work with it, but we don’t understand the essence of the force of gravity. Why does a certain body draw other bodies toward it? What is the essence of this phenomenon?

In the same way, there is a Creator whom we can somehow feel but not comprehend. It is said that the essence of the Creator is absolutely hidden from us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/8/19

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New Life 1243 – The Place Of Humanity In Ecological Balance

New Life 1243 – The Place Of Humanity In Ecological Balance
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

Humanity must control all of nature like a wise, good-hearted mother. According to our potential, we are the highest creatures, but all of the bad phenomena we see in the world today are a result of the human ego. Every phenomenon in nature, whether good or bad, is the result of the thoughts and attitudes of people. Evil is expressed when we take more for ourselves than what we need in order to dominate everyone. If we learned to relate well to other people, the still, vegetative, and animate levels in nature would also be balanced.

Humans must understand that nature is global and integral and that they have the power to bring everything to correction. Balance means taking from nature only what our bodies need to live and turning toward spiritual development. Spiritual life means learning how to connect with love and concern to one another until we will all be like one person with one heart. This will lead us to an awareness of an eternal and perfect life on the level of a global, infinite, and divine nature.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1243 – The Place Of Humanity In Ecological Balance,” 5/20/20

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