Rising Above Knowledge

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are talking about the Creator based on our Kelim (vessels), provided we are able to correct them. We can know Him only from our corrected Kelim.

The corrected Kelim operate according to the principle: "From Your actions, we shall know You." By performing the same actions as the Creator, I begin to learn who He is.

The Creator’s actions are bestowal, and that’s why I, too, have to come to bestowal in order to know Him. The actions that are identical to His will let me understand Him: who and what He is, His program and purpose in relation to me, His intentions and commands. I will know all of that when I resemble Him in actions, and not before.

So how can I come to the actions of the Creator? To this end, I have to attain the attribute of bestowal. We attain it above the attribute of reception, above the receiving Kelim, which is called: "Faith above reason." It is the essence of our work.

"Knowledge" is what I know, feel, and am able to see in the sensations of the desire to receive. And "faith" is another, more exalted attribute. I attain it above knowledge: I first need to discover and test my knowledge, and then I receive a force from Above that will allow me to go above it, in exactly the same form but higher. It means that I advance by faith above reason.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/2/2011, “Above Reason in Divine Service”

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  1. This is great. Please be sure to clarify the difference between faith above and below reason, I have seen group members take faith above reason to mean to not think at all and simply do. This will lead to servitude.

    Many thanks for everything! 😀

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