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My Thoughts On Twitter 7/21/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Love, Awe, and Faith are the properties of the network that connects us. We are linked by a single network above the globe. Let’s imagine it and begin to feel that it really exists and holds power. It is the Creator who awakens us to this connection, giving us strength and support.

Before we were simply tied together, but now, when we unite, we bring all the evil between us, all the distance, all the breakage that has been revealed. And that’s why this connection becomes so strong. Adam HaRishon was just an animal, an angel, before his sin. And after sinning he became equal to the Creator.

The breakage that occurred at the start of creation does not disappear. Otherwise, why was it needed? It is precisely because there was a breakage that we can now build connections above it and achieve unity that is “620” times greater than it was before.

Capitalism was supposed to be replaced by socialism 100 years ago, but it failed and resulted in two world wars. We’re ready for a change to real socialism, but there are no leaders, no masses, no plan. It is clear that the path of suffering will lead to a change of society. After all, the goal of nature’s development of “Love of friends” is mandatory!

UN Secretary general: “The international community must eliminate inequality on the planet before it destroys the world economy.”
– But the creation of a world community is possible only by bringing people closer together as a result of global education. Through understanding or through suffering, the world will come to this…
From Twitter, 7/21/20

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“COVID-19 Will Unite Us (Even If Against Our Will)” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “COVID-19 Will Unite Us (even if against our will)

Alongside rumors of a near-to-come vaccine, governments and municipalities face the reality of a lingering and fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic. Some are reinstating lockdowns, others are begging residents to abide by instructions, maintain a six-foot distance, and wear masks. Still others are fining residents, and in places where central governments are too weak to enforce, such as El Salvador, gangs enforce closure with baseball bats or — as in Colombia — with guns.

Governments, citizens, affluent, afflicted, capitalists, and socialists, everyone must transcend their restricted visions and look at the whole, the integral, which is all of humanity, and all of reality. Only if we act as one will we know what to do to heal our society and heal from the virus.

But a lockdown is not a work plan; it’s an emergency measure that can, at best, inhibit contagion but not finish it off. As soon as restrictions are lifted, infections return with a vengeance.

Worse yet, in some cases, such as that of the Argentinian trawler Echizen Maru, the virus seems to appear literally out of nowhere: The ship’s crew was all tested and came out negative, went into two weeks of isolation prior to sailing, and set out to sea. Somehow, after weeks at sea without contact with anyone besides the crew, all of a sudden, virtually the entire crew got COVID.

The coronavirus is a mysterious bug. At first we thought it affected only the lungs and the sick and elderly. Then we realized it affected much more than the lungs, that it causes blood clotting and affects other parts of the body. Then we realized it affects not only the elderly, but everyone, even embryos and infants, such as the mass contagion where 85 infants less than one year old have tested positive for coronavirus in one Texas county.

As if this is not enough, the UN “warns of global mental health crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic,” and patients and doctors are reporting “brain disorders found in mild, recovering COVID-19 patients.” It is no wonder that the UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres says that the world is “at the breaking point.”

Mr. Guterres not only observes the state of the world, he also points out the reason: lack of mutual responsibility. According to the Daily Mail, Guterres stated that the COVID-19 crisis “is exposing fallacies and falsehoods everywhere: The lie that free markets can deliver health care for all … the delusion that we live in a post-racist world, the myth that we are all in the same boat,” and that developed countries are strongly invested in their own survival and have “failed to deliver the support needed to help the developing world through these dangerous times.”

Reconstruction after the Breakdown

Before our very eyes, the invisible menace is crumbling our civilization. It has placed a mirror that exposed our disconnection and alienation from each other, as Guterres phrased it so well. It has shattered our illusions about ourselves. Our civilization of entitlement has come to its end, and out of the wreckage, a new humanity will rise.

Bit by bit, we will grasp, truly, in our hearts, that humanity abides by the same laws that govern the entire universe. We have yet to realize that we are part of nature, created by it, and therefore subject to its laws. Just as homeostasis, namely equilibrium between different but interdependent elements, governs all of nature, balance between receiving and giving must govern human society.

Humanity is an integral entity, an indivisible whole that seems divided only because of our self-centered perspective. When we look at the world, we seek to gain pleasure or avoid pain. By doing so, we analyze which part of what we are seeing will benefit us more or harm us less. Inadvertently, we divide the integral world into parts and miss the perception of the integral reality.

Because of this fractured perception, for example, our hearts always go out to the hunted animal when we watch nature films. We don’t realize that predators keep the flock healthy by eating mostly the sick and old animals, prevent overpopulation and the resulting depletion of vegetation. Keeping vegetation lush decreases soil erosion, which prevents streams from eroding their banks, and prevents mudslides and flash-floods. When you look through the prism of integrality, there is no good or bad; there is homeostasis, wholeness. When you look through the prism of personal benefit, there is only good or bad, hurting or being hurt.

This is the sad world that COVID-19 has come to end. It has come to admit us into an integral world where everything is one, complete, inseparable, and indivisible. Clearly, the virus is leading us there against our will. But it is stronger than us, so the more we insist on separation, the more we will suffer. No leader will be able to fight it, no protest will be able to restore the economy, and no vaccine will stop the transformation of society.

We are in the same boat even though we act as if we’re not. If we keep this up, we will all sink. Therefore, every person who understands the situation must carry on the message. Governments, citizens, affluent, afflicted, capitalists, and socialists, everyone must transcend their restricted visions and look at the whole, the integral, which is all of humanity, and all of reality. Only if we act as one will we know what to do to heal our society and heal from the virus.

“Under Pressure – A Society On The Brink Of Collapse” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Under Pressure – A Society on the Brink of Collapse

When you watch the news, you might think that the world has gone off the deep end. On the one hand, you have the coronavirus epidemic that’s ravaging the country and the entire world. On the other hand, you have a teetering economy that’s struggling to stay afloat. And in between, you have countrywide racial tensions and an approaching presidential election. Is it any wonder that people are so tense these days, that there is so much violence and anger? Society is on the brink of collapse

Our social relations are the problem, they contaminate our relationships and the disregard toward the doctors’ orders is simply a symptom of our disregard for one another.

There is no point drawing post COVID scenarios since people aren’t blind; they see that COVID isn’t going anywhere. If anything, it’s only ensconcing itself deeper in the country. As things stand today, I don’t envy the next president. Nothing that any government can do will ease people’s anxiety, get rid of the virus, or get the economy back on track.

But in fact, right now we don’t need to do anything; we need to understand! We need the right perspective, and then we’ll know what to do.

We need to realize that the world around us has changed. We will not return to excessive consumerism, frantic tourism, and the noxious attitude we proudly called “capitalism.” Thank God, the virus killed them all; they were old, had countless background illnesses, and the virus did away with them. In that sense, the virus cured us.

Actually, the fact that the coronavirus is so contagious is a blessing in disguise. People were so hostile to each other and felt so alone that tens of millions of young Americans were forced to find refuge in substance abuse, depression, all sorts of escapism, and extreme violence, both homicides and suicides. If we follow the doctors’ orders and keep our social distance and wear our face masks, we will at least stop hurting each other. Afterwards, we can start thinking about reconnecting in a non-toxic way.

It is no coincidence that staying six feet apart is called “social distance” and not “physical distance,” which is what it is. Our social relations are the problem, they contaminate our relationships and the disregard toward the doctors’ orders is simply a symptom of our disregard for one another. If we wanted to heal the country, we could end it by simply following their orders for a couple of weeks and the virus would be gone. But we don’t care about each other, we do whatever we want, and the virus is having a field day.

If we don’t begin to change our attitude to one another, the coronavirus will destroy our healthcare system, ravage our entire population, disrupt supply chains, products will not reach the stores, and all the money that the government will pour into people’s bank accounts won’t help them feed their children since the shelves will be empty.

This is the future we are building for ourselves just because we don’t care about each other. In today’s reality, one cannot live in disregard for others. It is called “mutual responsibility” and today it is essential for our survival. If we exercise it, we will live, and live well. If we spurn it, we will starve.

Kabbalah—A Method Of Changing One’s Fate

laitman_760.3Question: What is fate and what is karma? Is there a difference between these concepts?

Answer: I don’t know what fate or karma is in other people’s minds. I can only say that a person has his own path, and while walking through it, he can alter it. I don’t know whether to call it “karma” or “fate” but everyone has it.

This path begins with the fact that everything is already embedded in a person. Just as a drop of seed contains all the information about the future person, there is a spiritual drop of seed that determines the development of an earthly, spiritual person in us and in this way we advance.

Can this be changed? It can be. The science of Kabbalah is a method of changing one’s fate (karma, if you like).

Comment: The fact is that many people have a fatalistic belief that you were born with a certain fate that you have to accept and go with its flow.

My Response: No, that is not true. We can change our fate and ourselves. The science of Kabbalah gives a person the opportunity to attract the upper forces that can change him.

A question arises: Is the scenario by which this can be done also written in our destiny initially? In general, yes. The only difference is whether I follow it in a good or a bad way.

I can turn myself into a person that is initially embedded in me (in the form of an information record) rather quickly, easily, and pleasantly, or I can do it in some other way. Meaning, I can accelerate my development. But, in any case, I will have to achieve the final goal that has been encoded in me.
From KabTV’s “Together about Important Things” 7/14/20

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When Will The Pandemic End?

laitman_624.03Question: Now many former joys are fading into the background. Some people are changing their habits. Others are in a hurry to restore their old lives, and this is impossible to stop because people have to eat, drink, stay warm, etc.

How, then, should people begin to change?

Answer: The change should begin with the fact that people need to understand what they need to eat, drink, be warmed by, that they should provide themselves the most necessary, but nothing beyond the necessary. And then the pandemic will end. Everyone will be properly assigned for the work necessary for society. But no more than that.

The virus will not allow us to return to the past just to earn pieces of paper. This will not happen.

Question: From various sources, including the World Health Organization, information is coming that people need to prepare for new waves of diseases in the fall and winter. It is not clear whether they want to scare us or if this is a real assumption?

Answer: I think the same pandemic will continue. It will come and go in waves, and no vaccine will help us.

After all, it is not about medicine, but about people correctly perceiving their attitude to nature, the environment, and society. It must change. If their attitude changes, this will be the vaccine.
From KabTV’s “Today’s International Situation” 6/18/20

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The Change Of Worlds Is An Era

laitman_213Remark: Many people fear losing the world these days.

My Comment: Indeed, I see it. But I personally have no fear. On the contrary, I am like that bird singing a new world so that I can already stand up and open to all. I think the sooner this happens—of course, with a soft landing—the better for humanity.

So far, everything is going according to plan. Humankind will gradually be freed from piling up all kinds of egoistic enterprises and ties. Involuntarily, people will become simpler in their ordinary lives; they will value relations between themselves more, either through suffering, or through awareness, but still it will come to them.

The change of worlds is an era.
From KabTV’s “Today’s International Situation” 6/18/20

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Attaining The Upper Force

Laitman_421.01Question: Is the question of the meaning of life individual or common to all?

Answer: Understanding the root of life is common to all. But you know it individually.

You begin to see that the real universe is eternal, infinite, and you also exist in this eternal, infinite movement. There is no death besides the one that seems to us because it falls only on our animal state. The higher state is not affected by the death of the animal body.

You see that the knowledge of life is the attainment of the force that governs all of nature. We call it “Creator” because it created us. But this is not what is implied in religions. This force is attained in the properties that we acquire, absolutely clearly, experimentally. You begin to feel how everything exists around you, and at the same time, you rise to this level.

It becomes clear to you what a human means, how he is different from the inanimate, vegetative, and animate world. After all, they all exist within the framework of a small Earthly egoism, including us.

And if you rise above your animal egoism, then you begin to attain the eternal, perfect state in this world, in this life. And our material existence in no way limits us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/24/20

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Knowing The Creator

laitman_222Question: Listening to your lectures on the Internet, I noticed the phrase “to know the Creator by the creature.” In essence, the very process of learning requires a large amount of time daily, attention, and incorporation from us.

On one hand, as I understand it, we come to know the Creator through the creature, i.e., through active actions within our lives, and on the other hand, we have to disconnect from this life. How to untie this knot?

Answer: In fact, we can do whatever we want in our lives unless we harm other people because this will definitely stop us from revealing the Creator. But if we live and work normally, have everything that a person usually has, but at the same time systematically devote time to study the attainment of the Creator, that is, devote, let’s say, two to three hours a day to this, this is enough to begin to feel the sphere that manages us, which is outside of our world, and to begin contact with, open, and enter into an internal two-way dialog with it. So, progress until you begin to feel these states as absolutely real.

This by no means is an escape into some kind of space, nor meditation, but simply a systematic training to expand your sensations, and increase the sensitivity of your internal sensor.

Question: Should I immediately apply my new sensations, new knowledge, and the new perception of the world in my life?

Answer: This does not obligate you to do anything. What will happen to you will be carried out only by your choice, at your will, gradually. You will be able to use this for attaining the true reality you exist in.

You will feel the forces that manage you, how they change your desires and move you from inside. You will become absolutely clearly aware of the “hand” that is inside of you, like in a puppet being led by a puppeteer. It moves and controls you, and in response to this sensation, you make a decision whether to obey it or not, to go with it in unison or not.

Here appears your freewill. In such a way you begin to work either with the upper force that governs you or against it. In general, here the combination between you and the Creator begins.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/24/20

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Should We Kill A Mosquito?

Laitman_177.13Question: You say that animals eating each other is part of a harmonious system. What if a person intervenes in this?  What if a mosquito bites me and I kill it?

What will be the outcome of such interference in nature? How responsible are we for this? Should we do it or should we try not to kill a mosquito but simply shoo it away?

Answer: Don’t worry. Nothing terrible will happen as a result. It all depends only on whether you wish others good or bad. As for the mosquito, you don’t need to care about this especially.

I am serious. It is because we bring about harm or correction to the world by our desires for good or for evil. This is the whole problem.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/17/19

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