Knowing The Creator

laitman_222Question: Listening to your lectures on the Internet, I noticed the phrase “to know the Creator by the creature.” In essence, the very process of learning requires a large amount of time daily, attention, and incorporation from us.

On one hand, as I understand it, we come to know the Creator through the creature, i.e., through active actions within our lives, and on the other hand, we have to disconnect from this life. How to untie this knot?

Answer: In fact, we can do whatever we want in our lives unless we harm other people because this will definitely stop us from revealing the Creator. But if we live and work normally, have everything that a person usually has, but at the same time systematically devote time to study the attainment of the Creator, that is, devote, let’s say, two to three hours a day to this, this is enough to begin to feel the sphere that manages us, which is outside of our world, and to begin contact with, open, and enter into an internal two-way dialog with it. So, progress until you begin to feel these states as absolutely real.

This by no means is an escape into some kind of space, nor meditation, but simply a systematic training to expand your sensations, and increase the sensitivity of your internal sensor.

Question: Should I immediately apply my new sensations, new knowledge, and the new perception of the world in my life?

Answer: This does not obligate you to do anything. What will happen to you will be carried out only by your choice, at your will, gradually. You will be able to use this for attaining the true reality you exist in.

You will feel the forces that manage you, how they change your desires and move you from inside. You will become absolutely clearly aware of the “hand” that is inside of you, like in a puppet being led by a puppeteer. It moves and controls you, and in response to this sensation, you make a decision whether to obey it or not, to go with it in unison or not.

Here appears your freewill. In such a way you begin to work either with the upper force that governs you or against it. In general, here the combination between you and the Creator begins.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/24/20

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