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New Life 1254 –The Evolution Of Employment, Part 1

New Life 1254 –The Evolution of Employment, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The principles of the new world are becoming clearer daily. Our attitudes toward business and life in general have changed. Ultimately, we will become one business around the entire globe. Employees will learn to relate to each other as a single system; they will feel open to one another, interdependent, and connected to each other, and will want to help and participate.

According to the law of integration, if I produce something and there is a business that does the same thing better than I do, I will stop for the sake of the good of humanity. The benefit to the consumer public is what I will focus on and not my personal benefit.

The next step in the world will be to stop producing things that are superfluous and not of use. We will be concerned with maximizing efficiencies for society as a whole. The need for change will come from nature, which is above us, and will lead us to full integration.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1254 –The Evolution of Employment, Part 1,” 6/22/20

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Historical Mission Of Israel

laitman_229Question: How do you see the fate of Israel? You cannot help but be concerned about it, as well as all people in the world, because, despite its small size, Israel is in many ways at the center of many conflicts and events.

Now everyone is watching with bated breath when the next phase of Israel’s jurisdiction over the territories will be announced, and how it may end.

Answer: Yes, I understand that the problem with the territories, in general, is completely out of place and beside the point. What is it for, anyway? Everything is completely artificial. Our ancestral territories are still much larger. They extend from the Nile to the Euphrates. This is all described in ancient books. We are not going to chase the ancient borders.

But the fact is that Israel has its own historical mission, which it must fulfill—to stand at the head of the spiritual reconstruction of humanity. I hope that this will begin in our century, in our time.

This will not reduce its role in any way. On the contrary, it will become more significant and eternal. Israel is Israel, there is no getting around it. It is a spiritual creature that needs to live and preach from here. People will come to understand, accept, and agree with this.
From KabTV’s “Today’s International Situation” 6/18/20

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Factors Affecting Human Development

laitman_551Question: We are influenced by a lot of data. First, the genes and properties inherent in us by nature do not change. Second, we are influenced by society.

Third, there is an external influence, such as a pandemic, an economic crisis, or some kind of natural disaster, which can affect the development of a particular inclination.

For example, if a person has a tendency to stinginess, but he lives in a country with a high standard of living, then this property is not manifested in him. But in an extreme situation, it can manifest itself. Do all these factors simultaneously affect a person?

Answer: No, that cannot be said. They are always in action, but each one to a different degree. It depends not only on the person, but on the society and the historical period in which he lives. This is a global, I would even say universal, program. Therefore, it is very difficult for us to say something definite here: what depends on what and when.

Question: Which of these factors has the greatest impact on human development?

Answer: It’s hard to say. It depends on the time and place.

Question: And yet, what influences more: genes or society?

Answer: Genes. Getting out of their power is very difficult. The fact is that a very diverse society can influence us in different ways. At the same time, there are so-called concrete forces of chance. It is very difficult to calculate and describe.

Baal HaSulam in his article “The Freedom” also describes this in rather general terms, because there are many factors that affect us.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/30/20

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“What Disgusts You?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What disgusts you?

Disgust emerges when there is a discrepancy between oneself and what is outside oneself, and when there is antagonism with that “someone” or “something” outside of oneself.

In other words, disgust is a feeling that appears when we feel what is outside of us as not being our own.

We then hate and distance ourselves from that person or phenomenon.

However, when we feel someone or something as belonging to us, we sense the opposite—that we love them.

Therefore, so it happens that we can feel disgust toward many other people and phenomena, and feel whole with ourselves, but this is merely a natural outcome of our egoistic human nature that places a self-serving filter over our vision, making us see what is only most self-beneficial.

If we felt the depth of how our very nature is completely egoistic, self-serving at the expense of other people and nature, and that it makes us constantly see flaws in other people and things around us and not in ourselves, we would then feel this egoistic nature as the most disgusting thing that needs correction.

Such a revelation, however, requires prior guidance toward attaining its opposite form of love.

In other words, if we setup society with a goal to establish ties of mutual responsibility, consideration, and ultimately, love among people, aiming to view other members of society as our own family, and organize our media, society and educational programs to develop such connection, we will then develop a wiser view of what should disgust us more than anything else: that the egoistic nature residing in each and every one of us constantly operates in an opposite direction to loving others, and it is the cause of all our suffering.

Appreciating values of mutual responsibility, consideration and love over the many values of self-benefit, such as wealth, fame and power, would let us progress to become more loving, considerate and positively connected, becoming disgusted in our egoistic motives and views that act to divide us along the way.

Therefore, it is natural to feel disgusted with other people and phenomena in the world that appear negative to us in many ways. But if we try to love each other, and build a supportive environment that guides us toward loving one another, we will then discover a more positive form of disgust: a disgust in our egoistic quality that shuts us off from the love surrounding us.

It is a more positive form of disgust because it serves to make us want to change ourselves to become more loving and considerate—necessities for better social connections—and by doing so, experience much happier, safer and more harmonious lives.

Above photo by José Martín Ramírez Carrasco on Unsplash.

The Age Of Enlightenment And Emancipation, Part 3

Laitman_137The Ari’s Contribution to the Development of Kabbalah:

Question: It is considered that since the time of the Ari, the period of correction of humanity began because he empirically derived a method that could be used by everyone. What is this method?

Answer: It is about uniting people. The Ari organized a group of students and he taught them the structure of the upper worlds and he explained the methods of their functioning and the development of a common desire in the group, which is yearning more and more for similarity with the Creator. He presented all of this as necessary spiritual steps.

He raised the teaching of Kabbalah from the corporeal to the spiritual level using what is called “the language of branches,” in which we call something by corporeal names, but in fact, we do not mean any material forms of objects and phenomena but only our spiritual qualities.

Gradually, people began understanding that Kabbalah does not belong to our world at all. Moreover, our world is an illusory world that appears to exist only in our perception. In general, this is a whole system of views, a science that is available for everyone. The Ari outlined it very specifically.

In principle, the Ari invented a new language that explained the interaction of light and Kli. A Kli is a desire that includes everything there is in the world. The only thing that this desire feels is light.

It is the interaction of light and desire, the Creator and creation, that the Ari fully described in his books.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 5/8/19

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Team Building Guide, Part 4

laitman_528.03Principles of Forming a Team: Preserving Individuality

Comment: The third rule: a careful attitude to the personality of each friend so that no one loses one’s individuality.

My Response: We should assume that everyone is making the utmost effort depending on how much they have absorbed our course and understand its importance. Therefore, everything he does, he does as a result of our efforts.

In other words, I look at a person as a mechanism that is acting now as a result of my influence. And if he does not act correctly, I should attribute this to myself and say that this is my fault.

Question: Besides the rules of the circle, which allow a person to express themselves without fear of criticism, what other exercises can be recommended to preserve a person’s individuality?

Answer: I think they should do a lot of talking among themselves until they understand themselves and others and until they get used to the fact that everyone has their own freewill, their own ability to interact with others. Through these interactions, they will gradually begin to learn about human nature, and thus they will have the ability to tolerate each other.

Question: What is their interaction? What other interaction can there be that allows them to display their individual inclinations?

Answer: They must infect each other with a positive virus. After all, everyone who comes to a group that is engaged in connection begins to receive creative inspiration from it, meaning how to gather together even more and how in the connection with each other to reveal the force of mutual bestowal up to the force of love.

Question: For many years I worked with groups in the army. When groups are formed there, people go through many different states. External circumstances cause very strong changes in them. They help each other, go through various physical activities, and create some kind of relationship between them, and so on.

What will happen here? Where will all these experiences come from?

Answer: As we give people different tasks, there will be tension in the team and they will feel to what extent this is doable or not.

Each person will have some functions in the group but people must exchange them periodically: someone responsible for printing the study material, someone for physical meetings, and someone for preparing coffee, and so on. They must serve themselves.

The individuality of each person can be manifested in the fact that he tries to invest as much as possible in the group, in its connection. To the extent that he invests in the group, pushes it to unity, he has the opportunity to come together with it to the revelation of the Creator.

Question: In any team, there is a person responsible for raising motivation. Should it be one person or should everyone be responsible for team spirit?

Answer: At least one person should be on duty for such purposes.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/18/20

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What Should We Do When We Feel Indifference To Everything?

Laitman_138Question: I constantly feel that everything stems from the Creator, and I look at everything in a positive way. But sometimes, I am filled with a kind of emptiness and indifference to everything. What should I do in this state?

Answer: In such states, it is best to be among friends who are also searching and progressing. By being next to them, you try to be influenced by their yearning for the goal. In principle, the group must make sure that it is moving forward all the time and thus enable each of the friends to fall into the hands of the group and immediately begin to ascend.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/24/19

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Afraid Of Returning To The Old Ways

627.2Question: I realized that the way we have been living up to now was the cause of my suffering. I’m afraid of returning to the old ways.

Is it right for me to start a lifestyle that is more suitable for a woman: get married, start a family, and stay home to take care of my family, children, and husband?

Answer: In general, this is certainly good. But no one forbids you to work or study. Naturally, the purpose of each person is to create a family and to grow, but in addition, to develop personally—in terms of profession and self-realization.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/10/20

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 7/28/20

Lesson Preparation

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Writings of Rabash, Article 1 “Make for Yourself a Rav and Buy Yourself a Friend – 1” (1985)

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Writings of Baal HaSulam,  “The Freedom,”  (Subtitle:  “The Necessity to Preserve the Freedom of the Individual”)

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Lesson on the Topic “The Obligation of Bnei Baruch to Humanity in the Last Generation – Selected Excerpts From the Sources”  

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Selected Highlights

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