Team Building Guide, Part 1

laitman_527Goal of a Group Working on Uniting

Question: A team is a group of people united by a single goal and mission.

People create sports teams to win games, business teams to make money, and spiritual teams to strengthen in faith. And for teams working on uniting, the goal and the means are the same. How can it be?

Answer: If we create a team whose goal is to unite, the question arises: Is unification a goal or only a means to achieve the goal?

Many relate to unification not as a goal in and of itself. For instance, when creating teams, unity is necessary to successfully perform certain tasks. Therefore, in our case, we also need to determine what the goal is.

We want to achieve unity in which feel the next level of human existence, where a special principle of similarity to an integral and unified nature is inherent in the unification.

If we reach a state of unification to strive for a single goal, ready to sacrifice our private egoistic goals, then we will rise above ourselves, above our egoism, and begin to feel the next level of nature—integral, global, and unified.

In principle, this is the purpose of our development. We create a group in order to learn how to unite, to reach a state where all members will feel as a single whole.

Question: Can one say that the goal is a good, harmonious life in family, in society? After all, it’s hard for a person to understand what this new level is.

Answer: Of course, because that is more understandable and closer to everyone. That is, the goal is communication skills. If we learn how to interact correctly with others, we will have good lives.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/18/20

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