Unity For The Sake Of Society

Laitman_120Question: There are members of different groups in the world who unite in order to help others. These organizations want to help children or to contribute in order to ease people’s suffering. In what way is your unity different from what we commonly see?

Answer: There are indeed many organizations in the world that unite for the sake of others, but I don’t see any positive outcomes from their actions. No matter how much food and water they supply or whether they make sure that people have clothes to wear, there are still so many hungry people in the world and so much suffering that only increases from day to day. We see that such actions are not a method of correcting the world.

The wisdom of Kabbalah offers a method of organizing the situation in the world through its system of leadership. Instead of performing some minor actions that may benefit people, we need to perform radical changes through the upper leadership, thus bringing humanity abundance, power, food, and health—everything. This is possible. We only need to learn how it is done and implement it together.

People who give away everything today, who seemingly love others and are ready to reach the end of the world in order to help mankind, need to start engaging in establishing the right mutual connection with others. Then, the good force will appear in the world and help us all.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/27/15

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