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“What To Do With A Rebellious Child”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 7/6/20

The first time we were told to stay at home and keep a six-foot distance, we largely obeyed. We didn’t want to catch the virus or put our elderly loved ones at risk. When authorities rolled back the lockdown and said we could go out again, that’s when we lost it. Not everyone, but enough of us to make the virus hit back ferociously.

But now we can’t go back. People’s patience has vanished, their obedience—replaced with defiance. It’s as if people are telling nature, “Catch me if you can!” It can and it will. If not with the coronavirus, then with some other virus, bacteria, or an entirely different disciplinary menace. Once nature has made a statement, it will not let up until we listen, since each statement is the beginning of a new phase in our development as a human society.

The coronavirus is telling us that we should stay apart from one another because we’re harmful to each other. We have been harmful to each other in so many ways, often deliberately, that our society has been falling apart and disintegrating long before the George Floyd protests began. But with COVID-19 spreading faster than ever, racial tensions escalating all over the country, a police force that has been demonized and delegitimized to the point where it has become powerless in many cases, and a rabid elections campaign whose virulence will only peak in a few months, we are seeing the making of a perfect storm that could tumble the most formidable superpower in modern history, and perhaps ever.

The next phase, the one that nature is forcing through the virus, will see a humanity that is much more considerate and caring one. But humanity will determine how fast that phase evolves, and how pleasantly and smoothly it overcomes the current, self-centered humanity we’ve all grown up with.
Any parent knows what to do when his or her child isn’t straightened out after the first admonition: give a second, much harsher one. Since we have been disobedient, this is what we should expect from nature.

But nature has no wish to obliterate humanity; it’ll only hurt us until we learn to treat each other and the planet better. We may challenge nature and throw COVID parties, and we may refuse to wear masks or keep our distance, but it won’t be long before nature grabs us by the ear and sends us to the corner.

Sometimes, when the odds are totally against you, it’s unwise to be a wise guy. Sometimes, the wisest thing to do is simply play along. And in this case, at the end of the game, we will discover that we are the winners and our defiance only delayed our victory.

My Thoughts On Twitter 7/6/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

A woman is able to weigh things correctly, and if she sees her country as her home, which is important and dear to her, then she is able to reconcile all conflicting trends and parties and balance it all out. Only a woman can do that.

The woman, who used to remain in the shadows throughout history, must now go to the forefront and engage in the reconstruction of human society. And men will agree to it. Nature drives the woman to the front, and no one is objecting. This process has been developing over the past few hundred years.
From Twitter, 7/6/20

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“How Do You Think The Coronavirus Pandemic Might Permanently Change Life In The United States?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: How do you think the coronavirus pandemic might permanently change life in the United States?

Considering that our values, desires, behaviors, anxieties and responses are highly influenced by our surrounding society, then there is no doubt that the coronavirus and the changes it has introduced into the world has significantly impacted our lives.

In the beginning of the outbreak, most thought of it as a temporary phenomenon, that the life we lived would get “back to normal” soon afterward. Today, however, we already see that it is going to be around for a lot longer, and that permanent changes are set to emerge.

What will those permanent changes be?

The pandemic has made us reevaluate what is and isn’t essential in our lives. Today, even if we have the “privilege” in our areas to still be able to go out to bars, restaurants, malls, gyms and flights, many think twice before going.

To start with, the lockdown period we went through calmed down consumerist habits.

Also, economic uncertainty as to whether there will be another lockdown makes many reconsider where they spend their money.

It is as if the coronavirus made us step off of the materialistic treadmill that we were running prior to its outbreak, and we started to walk through our lives at a much slower pace.

We discovered a newfound interdependence and reliance on each other in order to maintain our health, as we depend on each other to uphold certain conditions in order to lessen our chances of catching the virus.

The longer the coronavirus affects our lives in such a way, the more we will realize that a permanent change is at hand: a change from using each other and the ecology in the name of personal profit and individual success, to a more balanced lifestyle, keeping us closer to our homes, to our families, and to rethinking our mutual influence on each other in society.

If we relate to the coronavirus as a lesson from nature—a lesson in becoming more considerate and responsible toward each other, doing away with our excessive consumeristic drives that distanced us from each other and nature—and instead focus our sources of enjoyment not in what a materialistic society promotes to us, but in developing positive connections to each other, then we would make good use of this period and experience its permanent changes positively.

However, if we stubbornly try to hold onto our pre-coronavirus lifestyles, then we will experience more and more suffering. That is, we would fail to learn from nature’s hint as to what we need to change, and thus nature would have to give us harsher lessons in order to wake us up to relate positively to our new tighter interdependence.

The Virus Has Identified Problems In The Family

laitman_543.01Question: The virus pushed people inside their families, and many have discovered how distant they are from each other. Could this make us ponder about some phenomena that lead to tragedies in relations between relatives?

Answer: Of course. People who had difficulty spending an hour or two a day with each other suddenly find themselves forced to communicate around the clock. It is horrible! We are not used to it; we are not brought up like that.

But on the other hand, we all experienced it, somehow got used to it, got to know each other. Maybe for many years we did not even know each other as we do now. So, let’s look at it positively.

The coronavirus created all the conditions for us to get to know our family. And now we need to correctly compare what happened before the virus and now. I go to work, return to my family, and do I see the same or not?

It was necessary that we somehow establish relations between us that we lacked before the virus, and now we can imagine them. After all, you will not run away from the family. Therefore, the virus gave us a very big gift: it forcefully imprisoned us together in one apartment.

What is needed here is what we have never done: particular, psychological, social work with people. We did not prepare people for family life, for example, a man for the role of father and husband.

I know this myself. Therefore, for my part, I made many mistakes in family life, and my wife on her part. And the children did not receive proper upbringing. That is, this is a complex problem that needs to be addressed.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/3/20

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Is It Easier For The World To Change Or Perish?

laitman_294.2Each spiritual action begins with a counteraction opposite to it, as “the advantage of light revealed from darkness.” Otherwise we cannot feel anything because everything is perceived only in contrast. Therefore, darkness precedes light, and confusion and misunderstanding occur before clarity and awareness. And this is so in everything.

Look at our life: how long will humanity suffer in order to realize the evil of egoism and finally decide that we need to free ourselves from it because it is the source of all our troubles. Although we don’t know how to do this, apparently we will be forced to turn to the Creator by all of mankind.

It is said “the advantage of the earth (desire) is in everything.” First of all, the desire should reveal the darkness, and only out of the darkness will we comprehend the light. This is exactly what is happening in our life.

The whole evolution of mankind was due to the growth of egoism. And today we have come to what is called the “last generation,” the generation of the Messiah (Mashiach), which is obliged to awaken a higher power that will pull us out of our selfish desire.

And we understand that we are not able to do this because egoism is our whole nature, our whole life. We do not know how to think differently and only reveal our evil, but we are not even able to imagine how to get rid of it.

Therefore, today’s condition is unusually important, unique, and has never happened in the entire history of mankind. Gradually it is dawning on us that it is no longer possible to exist as before as it has been for thousands of years. All our development has led only to the realization that we can no longer remain within the selfish nature and it is necessary to rise from it.

But where to rise to and how to do it? Kabbalists say “faith above reason.” However, what is it and how do we achieve such a state where bestowal becomes higher and more important than receiving? Man is not capable of this. And here we are aware of our complete helplessness and we understand that there is no hope except for our Creator.

Humanity begins to reveal that egoism is a force from above, and there is a higher power opposite to egoism, which we need to ask for help to turn the power of evil into the power of good, into anti-egoism. Then we will live well and happily in the new world.

But so far it is extremely difficult for us. It is easier for a person to believe that the world will cease to exist at all than to imagine that he can live according to the laws of an altruistic nature. How could it be that between everyone, in any place and any state, I only reckon with how much I can give to my neighbor, and not what benefit I will get from him?

Altruism is a different nature. If it clothes in us, then we will behave differently, and if not, then we won’t be able to. Therefore, the only way out is to realize that it is impossible to continue existing in a selfish nature and we must move on to a new, inverse approach to life. Everything that happens brings us to this. Let’s try to quickly understand that there is no other choice and that it all depends on our prayer.

Indeed, it is easier for a person to imagine the destruction and collapse of the world than one’s life according to the laws of bestowal. Our whole world is built on the power of egoism and its destruction will occur by the same egoistic force. There will be nothing new. We have already experienced terrible wars, disasters, and troubles in this world.

Somewhere in the world, some kind of misfortune is constantly happening, and everyone understands that the world could collapse. But at the same time, the same force of egoism will remain that is has led the world to death.

It is much more difficult to change the program the world works according to, the nature of the relationship between inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature and people, so that all of this works in reverse, in bestowing to one’s neighbor. Everyone should begin to reckon with others and take care of their welfare. This just does not fit in our head, it is impossible to imagine.

Indeed, for this I need to feel the desire of others and try to fill them. And this is the way everyone should act all the time. To do this, another program must be loaded into this huge computer, in the inanimate, vegetative, and animate world and people.

We cannot imagine that. No attempts by socialists and utopians to create such a world have been successful. Such a revolution can be accomplished only by the Creator, who will give us a different nature. This is what we should try to ask for, and as quickly as possible.

And if not, then the suffering that is now beginning to unfold, more and more decisively pushing us to rectify the world, will oblige us. But this is a very difficult, long and painful journey, full of suffering. In fact, it is called the “path of suffering”.

Let’s go the better way of the light. To do this, we need to draw the upper force from above to clothe in us. We need to demand, to ask, the Creator to give us the power of bestowal. Otherwise, we will not succeed. We will try to come to correction ourselves until we give up on this work. Then our cry will reach the Creator, and He will give us His altruistic force. This is called the exodus from Egypt, from our egoism.

But if we do not ask and do not oblige the Creator to help us, we will not be able to change anything and will suffer from our egoism more and more every day.

It is not necessary to hope that the coronavirus will disappear soon. It will not leave us, and in addition even more serious problems will come. Money, resources, and groceries will soon end—humanity will suffer terribly. And besides, hurricanes, clouds of locusts, floods, and drought are coming.

All of this is so we understand that only when we appeal to the Creator do we have hope to be saved from all problems and troubles. And then when we begin to turn to Him, we will understand that the main thing here is not getting rid of problems and misfortunes. Indeed they came for this to convince us to turn to the Creator. Therefore, it is a pity to ask Him for material benefits, it is better to ask Him to bring us closer to Him, because all happiness is there.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/1/20, Baal HaSulam, Shamati 34, “The Advantage of a Land”

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The Coronavirus: Thoughts On Life And Death

laitman_961.2Comment: In the times of the coronavirus, we are bombarded with reports of new cases and the number of the deceased. A person reads it all, absorbs it. Naturally, he develops a growing fear of death.

My Response: We are being frightened like little children. We are being provoked!

Question: What’s good about that?

Answer: It is for us to grow up! Not to stay as little children.

Question: What does our growing up entail? Thinking more about life and death? Or something else?

Answer: About its purpose! Nature gives us a hint about what we have to do. This is such help! You are being taught. We have to be grateful to this virus!

Nature doesn’t do anything without a reason. It is better that it teaches us this way than through a third world war, which we were speculating was nearing and thinking we couldn’t avoid it.

Question: What attitude should one have toward death? One way or another this question arises, especially now when one might end up on a ventilator. I am asking about my attitude toward death. What should it be now when we hear about it constantly?

Answer: You should have a serious attitude about it. Death is not an accident, it is a necessary state inherent in nature that we must go through. Death separates us from our animal body, my “I” is detached from the body, and we can be transitioned into the following states.

We can read an article about it. Here I have my teacher’s book, his articles. He writes what a person must do in order to rise above this life. Everything is written in Kabbalah.

Comment: This is written by a Kabbalist, while I am asking you about a simple person today.

My Response: What do you want with a simple person? He is like a small child, he is playing around, and he is not interested in these questions.

Comment: Can you lift me above death, help me cope with fear somehow? Tell me something about that, if you can.

My Response: I must not. Or you will begin to strive for it. You will stop being afraid of it.

Question: Should I be afraid?

Answer: Yes. Because the fear, the unknown is there specifically to encourage you to correct yourself in this world.

Question: So that I would want to rise above death, above fear?

Answer: That’s what the coronavirus reminds you of. Meaning, it is on your side; it is your friend; it cares about you. It says: “Look, you’re on the edge. So, come on, we still have time to do something that will allow us to pass this line beautifully, easily. It doesn’t even matter how. The most important thing is that you will find your world, that is, the future world, while in this life.”

Question: If I treat the virus this way, will my attitude toward life and death change?

Answer: Everything will change. We do everything in this world based on the fact that we die. And if we knew that we were not dying, but transforming, then we would act differently, in accordance with this transformation. Just as you are now working toward a pension, or a vacation, or something else, you still think not like a small child, but further ahead. So, we really need this motivation.

Comment: Please clarify the term “reincarnation.” For many, this is an “Indian” concept.

My Response: Oh no, we don’t transform into birds or trees, or anything like that.

Comment: “If you lived like a tree, you’ll become a baobab.”

My Response: No, not at all. As a matter of fact, this is very interesting. When I was in India, I saw how much this helps people accept things in life, live with them, and remain calm, philosophically inclined. But this is not the level we’re talking about. Although, when a billion people around you think this way, whether you like it or not, involuntarily you somehow fall into it.

Question: What kind of reincarnation are you referring to?

Answer: We are speaking only about the internal transformation, about the spiritual state ,of a person.

Question: Which changes how?

Answer: It becomes free of egoism. This is the transformation from this world to the upper world.

Question: When I start treating others with love?

Answer: If you start practicing this today, you would already start perceiving the upper world in your relation to another.

Question: So this is love and bestowal toward others? This is the upper world? If I start feeling this, I will begin to rise above death?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And death, does it only exist when I live for myself?

Answer: That is pure death.

Question: Living for oneself. So, actually, we are all living in the world of death?

Answer: Yes, this is what it is called.

Question: And it seemingly does not exist?

Answer: Indeed.

Comment: A person still feels sorry to leave his relatives, friends, habits, vacations, the sea.

My Response: Like a child holding on to his toys.

Question: Yes. Sometimes he comes across these toys, and he sighs a little: “I have lived.” He still feels sorry to leave any of it. How do you feel about these toys?

Answer: Only for the purpose of ascending to the upper world, only in order to master an even greater setting for giving, for love, for coming out of oneself, above oneself—only this is worth living for. Otherwise, it only serves to fill oneself with such a minute pleasure that immediately fades, disappears, or changes; it is certainly not worth it. I think the virus will help us.

Question: What is your personal attitude toward death?

Answer: I am completely at peace with it. Absolutely. I agree with the upper governance, whatever it does.

Question: Does agreeing with the upper force calm one down? That is, one immediately annuls before it?

Answer: Yes. It doesn’t matter what state a person is in. The main thing is that he accepts everything from above and in this way tries to be adhered to it.

Question: Please offer advice to a regular person, how should he treat his fears now?

Answer: I would study our materials if I were him. Now people are sitting at home, and this is the most useful thing they can do for themselves. This would bring them tangible benefits. And a way out of the virus, as well as a general way out of the crisis and an overall good attitude with a thorough understanding of life and death.

Question: And of each other?

Answer: Naturally, of each other! Good luck to us with this!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 3/30/20

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Epidemic Of Lies

laitman_293The general director of the World Health Organization said that false news spreads faster and is more contagious than the coronavirus itself. Therefore, we have to fight not only against epidemics but also against an “info-demic.”

The Secretary General of the UN said that the info-demic is our common enemy and offered to fight it together. What makes a person give out false and confusing information?

The fact is that we all live in a world of lies. Lies spread around the world and are passed from one person to another consciously or unconsciously. Everyone twists information the way it is convenient for them, hiding things that are not beneficial for them. That’s what everyone does.

It’s like the children’s telephone game: When the news is passed along the chain, not a single word of what the first person said reaches the tenth person. But when we grow up and become adults, we continue the same game, only the lies become much more serious.

Therefore, it is not surprising that our world is full of lies and you cannot rely on news that protects either the right ones or the left ones, stipulating the opposite side. Today, there is no independent media.

The coronavirus brought us to the fact that no one believes anyone because of false news spreading in all directions. The problem is that the media is no longer focused on the public, but is politicized, and it is conducting a war between the right and the left, between different interested groups.

Therefore, they always have money for this war; they no longer depend on whether the readers will buy this newspaper.

Today, newspapers do not depend on buyers at all, but receive funding from financial and governing circles. Therefore, there is no confidence in the information distributed in the media.

They print some unconfirmed medical reports about drugs against the virus. But why do people believe this lie and even seem to need it? There is a joke that if we now started eating only pure, organic food, we would be poisoned because we are no longer used to good, natural products that existed hundreds of years ago.

There is a great deal of truth in this joke, and the same applies to the media. We are not used to the truth, and every generation gets what it deserves. We accept the lie and enjoy it. We do not even pay for this false news; we get it for free. Lies beget lies: The generation is corrupted, and feeds on spoiled food.

But otherwise, there would be nothing to eat at all. So in the store we buy vegetables and meat, realizing that there are only chemicals and antibiotics inside, but there is no choice. You have to eat something. We live in a synthetic world.

No one needs the truth, after all it does not matter if a person would know it. The truth cannot be passed on, sold, or used if everything around is false. The truth in our world is like a foreign currency that is not accepted in this country in any store.

If I tell the truth in this world of lies, I will be known as a liar. This happened to King Solomon at the time of the First Temple. No one wanted to recognize him as a king. He made wise speeches, but everyone around him was so stupid that no one believed his words. Not until he reached the Sanhedrin, where the great sages gathered, did they already understand and recognize him.

In only one place in the whole country did they realize he was a wise man worth listening to. But today we do not have even one such place: not in the government, not in banks, not in any organization or party, and not anywhere else. Everyone is playing the same false game.

A Kabbalist lives inside his little world of truth and everyone around him thinks that he is irrational, detached from reality, and they do not listen to what he says. And that is a good thing because in the old days, the prophets were burned at the stake.

How is it possible to tell if the news are true or false? I follow the news but only in order to feel the trend of development and its speed. That is, I take into account not the news itself but its direction.

People are terribly confused by the news that spreads communications. In fact, this is not a means of communication but a means of disconnection.

What kind of correction should we make in society in order to return to truthful news? This requires a lot of painstaking work. After all, we are already used to eating spoiled foods, have learned to digest them and still feel good. The body is used to making corrections so that we even accept rotten food as relatively fresh. And if we consume really fresh food, we will have indigestion.

Therefore, here we need a very long way. And it is not only about food for the stomach, but also for the mind, soul, and heart. We must gradually get out of this lie with the help of integral education that the Kabbalists talk about. We need to explain to everyone that we live in a world of lies, and we need to get out of them because it is impossible to continue in this way.

The coronavirus will lead us to feeling the point of truth, to the final revelation of the falseness of life. We will see that such a life is meaningless and hopeless both for us and for our children. We are already approaching this insight. If we continue in the old way, we will destroy ourselves.

This end is already close because humanity understands that it has lost its way and direction and that there is no means to correct the situation; there is no cure for the virus. Or we decide that there is no choice and we must reveal the meaning and purpose of life, the correct way of existence, and find where the truth is in our life.

Human beings are the most intelligent, developed, knowledgeable, and have made our lives such that they are completely depreciated. And this is because we are guided not by reason, but by feelings, and cannot overcome our emotions by reason. Therefore, feelings play with us, pulling us in different directions, as they say, “Let’s eat and drink because tomorrow we will die anyway.” Let’s hope that this attitude will change.
From KabTV’s “The World,” 5/26/20

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“What Should I Do To Feel Less Stressed?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What should I do to feel less stressed?

Human nature is a desire to enjoy, and we are at rest when we enjoy ourselves.

The problem today, which is also why stress is on the rise, is that our desire to enjoy grows from one generation to the next, and we thus need more and different kinds of enjoyment to fulfill ourselves.

Likewise, since we all wish to enjoy ourselves more and more, we find ourselves in a situation where we need to share with others, and it becomes increasingly difficult to enjoy our lives.

As such, we become increasingly stressed.

Moreover, increasing stress coincides with more heart attacks, depression and drug abuse. In other words, more stress equates to a higher probability of disease.

It might appear as if stress indirectly influences disease, but stress is in fact the main cause of disease. Every disease in the body, especially of the internal organs like heart and lung disease, can be traced back to stress.

Stress follows us our entire lives, from the moment we leave our mother’s arms until the moment we die.

As small children, we experience stress at kindergarten because we are placed somewhere we do not want to be. Before the days of the schooling system, children were raised by their mothers and grandmothers, and later followed in the footsteps of their fathers’ occupations, keeping within the family circle.

Today, we need to meet society’s higher standards. That is, we are raised with examples of fierce competition in order to reach lavish wealth and success, and are under constant pressure to keep up with today’s social standards.

Situations where both parents work all day, neglecting their children, have become commonplace. Such children are left in the hands of kindergartens and schools from early morning until afternoon on a daily basis, an environment which is itself very stressful for them.

By nature, children need to be raised within the family, or in a wider circle that the children feel as their own family. The moment children are extracted from a family environment and placed into kindergartens and schools, they experience stress due to feeling insecure in their new environment.

In order to find calm, safety and confidence, the children try to be like their peers, seeking to “hide” among them.

After the initial stage of fitting in, when they feel accepted by their peers, the desire to enjoy then continues pressuring them from within, making them want to stand out.

They sway back and forth between their comfortable state where they fit in, and an ambitiousness to express their pride and power. The bigger the ego, the more they’re willing to step outside of their comfort zone and put themselves at risk.

These two poles of remaining in our comfort zones versus the desire to be a prominent figure in society stay with us our entire lives, placing us under constant stress.

In addition, the social and media influences that continuously bombard us with competitive, materialistic and individualistic images of success, i.e., where being more successful is perceived as being stronger, richer, faster or more unique than others in a variety of ways, add immensely to the stress we feel, as it becomes increasingly harder to stand out in such a society. Thus, rates of depression, anxiety, loneliness, drug abuse and suicide all rise together with rising stress rates.

Therefore, by understanding the nature of stress and how it is an integral aspect of the society we are raised in, we can conclude that in order to feel less stressed in the long term, there is a need for a solution not only at the level of “What should I do to feel less stressed?”

A comprehensive and lasting solution to reducing stress requires enhancing our feeling of connection in society, so that we feel society like one big family.

Essentially, the competitive, egoistic, materialistic and individualistic paradigm we are in, which values the “stronger, bigger, faster and richer individual,” needs inverting, so that we value contribution to society more than individual success.

We would then be on course to creating more balanced lives for everyone, reducing stress, and its related problems.

The Source Of Ultimate Pleasure

laitman_289Question: Under the primitive communal system, basic desires dominated a person: food, nutrition, sex, safety. Then came the period of the era of civilizations, in which the desire of man for wealth prevailed.

During the Middle Ages, desires for power began to dominate. In the fifteenth to twentieth centuries, the period of the Renaissance, scientific discoveries, discoveries of new continents, etc. occurred marked by a desire for knowledge.

And now, in the twenty-first century, we see that we are at some new stage in the development of our desires. What are these desires? And for what?

Answer: In actuality we have come to a state where we have nothing more with which to fill ourselves. Absolutely nothing. Our world can give us nothing more. You can, of course, fight each other for a better place on the council, in governments, etc., but this is not growth.

Our growth has come to an end, since we have already mastered everything that is on Earth. And although we know little about it, we will not learn anymore, because we are closed in ourselves.

We are a thing in ourselves. The only thing we can do, and this is given to us as people living in our so-called world, is to reach the next level of the universe. But for this we must become one whole, if not completely, then at least to some extent.

As soon as we start internally getting closer so as to help each other ascend, unite into one common whole, we will immediately feel the integrity of our world. It will manifest itself in all of us, and we will feel ourselves existing at the next level of nature.

Question: But from what will a person receive pleasure?

Answer: From whatever higher levels of nature will be revealed, and this will fill him. This enjoyment of the integrity of nature, the enjoyment of how the different, opposite properties of nature complement each other and unite, will fill us.

Question: Take, for example, two people. One enjoys basic desires for food, sex, and family, and the second for knowledge. He can sit all day in the laboratory and spend all his life researching some bugs or inventing a vaccine, and this fills him. What is the difference?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. It is clear that everyone is engaged in what nature pushes him toward.

And then we will find a single whole between us and see that, acting each at his own level, we reveal the general integral force of nature, called the Creator. The comprehension of this force, which manifests itself in a variety of variations, but at the same time is one common whole, this is the source of the highest pleasure.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/23/20

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