The Source Of Ultimate Pleasure

laitman_289Question: Under the primitive communal system, basic desires dominated a person: food, nutrition, sex, safety. Then came the period of the era of civilizations, in which the desire of man for wealth prevailed.

During the Middle Ages, desires for power began to dominate. In the fifteenth to twentieth centuries, the period of the Renaissance, scientific discoveries, discoveries of new continents, etc. occurred marked by a desire for knowledge.

And now, in the twenty-first century, we see that we are at some new stage in the development of our desires. What are these desires? And for what?

Answer: In actuality we have come to a state where we have nothing more with which to fill ourselves. Absolutely nothing. Our world can give us nothing more. You can, of course, fight each other for a better place on the council, in governments, etc., but this is not growth.

Our growth has come to an end, since we have already mastered everything that is on Earth. And although we know little about it, we will not learn anymore, because we are closed in ourselves.

We are a thing in ourselves. The only thing we can do, and this is given to us as people living in our so-called world, is to reach the next level of the universe. But for this we must become one whole, if not completely, then at least to some extent.

As soon as we start internally getting closer so as to help each other ascend, unite into one common whole, we will immediately feel the integrity of our world. It will manifest itself in all of us, and we will feel ourselves existing at the next level of nature.

Question: But from what will a person receive pleasure?

Answer: From whatever higher levels of nature will be revealed, and this will fill him. This enjoyment of the integrity of nature, the enjoyment of how the different, opposite properties of nature complement each other and unite, will fill us.

Question: Take, for example, two people. One enjoys basic desires for food, sex, and family, and the second for knowledge. He can sit all day in the laboratory and spend all his life researching some bugs or inventing a vaccine, and this fills him. What is the difference?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. It is clear that everyone is engaged in what nature pushes him toward.

And then we will find a single whole between us and see that, acting each at his own level, we reveal the general integral force of nature, called the Creator. The comprehension of this force, which manifests itself in a variety of variations, but at the same time is one common whole, this is the source of the highest pleasure.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/23/20

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