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“Bound By Common Thread” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Bound by Common Thread

Everything is bound by common threads. Iron comes from the Earth and from stars, and gives us life by helping carry oxygen in our blood. Bacteria learned to create oxygen through photosynthesis some 2.5 billion years ago, which eventually enabled the evolution of humanity. Humanity has evolved over tens of thousands of years, and today’s babies are born with humanity’s accumulated knowledge preinstalled.

In fact, there is no birth or death, but a constant process of development of the same entity, which consists of all of reality. That entity, which kabbalah calls “a soul,” contains all of our properties, sensations, experiences, and thoughts.

Everything is common. None of what we regard as “we” is truly personal. Instead of fighting to preserve our selfness, we should connect to the common soul and feel the system of our complete interconnection. Without this, we feel alone, as separated and lonely beings. And worst of all, it is a false perception, the opposite of our true condition.

In truth, there is not a single cell, thought, desire, or motivation that does not come to us from others and does not travel from us to all of humanity and to the entire universe. We would all feel this were it not for our egos. Egoism, the sensation of entitlement, separation, and alienation from others prevents us from experiencing this total connectedness. Instead of absolute consciousness of our togetherness, we are in total darkness, surrounded by the walls of our ego.

But we are not destined to remain this way. We are destined to break these walls and become conscious human beings. This is why we were given society, so we could “practice” connecting with each other. As we strive to build caring ties among us, we emulate the pre-existing ties that compose reality and by that begin to feel them.

True wisdom does not come from accumulating knowledge, but from fostering connections with others, as the information from others flows to us and from us to others. The only skill we should learn is the craft of loving others, and then all the knowledge of the world is in our hearts and minds. This is why the solution to all our problems lies in warm connections, care, and mutual responsibility. These feelings and this attitude will give us not only social solidarity, but knowledge and awareness that we cannot even dream of as long as we are confined by our egoistic selves.

“Awakening The New American Dream” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Awakening the New American Dream

Work hard and your dreams of success and prosperity will pay off. This has been the ethos of the American Dream, a belief that the sky was the limit regardless of origin or background. But political, social and economic greed has narrowed that path to success for the regular citizen and the current pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated its dwindling. The recovery of personal opportunity for every American will depend on rethinking and restructuring the path to success based on the principles of love and cohesion above all differences. This will ensure that a lasting dream is within reach for every American.

It’s time for a new mindset. Instead of seeing the collapse of an old way of life, we can recognize this as a new era of opportunity.

The industrial renewal and large scale employment caused by World War II — both in the military itself and in the industries that supported it — brought the US once and for all out of the Great Depression, and it emerged after the war as a superpower that dominated the international political arena, becoming a symbol of success and power.

The American values of free speech, capitalism, and democracy set the standard in the West, and the US became the undisputed leader of the free world. For decades the United States has opened its doors to ambitious, hard working immigrants who made America grow.

Unlike Germany, France, or Spain, America has been a nation of enterprising immigrants, a collection of individuals eager for the opportunity to pursue their dreams in the adventurous spirit of capitalism. And now, as with any natural process, the unbridled capitalistic pursuit of personal success has passed its peak and begun to decline. The COVID-19 epidemic is only hastening the process.

The decline of capitalism is a global trend, but because the United States has been the frontrunner of this movement, its weakening and falling will be felt there first, and the rest of the world will soon follow.

Time to Dream Big in Human Connection

Throughout history, we have gone from one state of human society to another. Now we have to switch to a new era, a new social structure. We do not really understand or want it but nature is forcing us to change.

It’s time for a new mindset. Instead of seeing the collapse of an old way of life, we can recognize this as a new era of opportunity. Just like a child growing up and moving from childhood to adolescence and adulthood, mankind has grown throughout history from one era of human society to another. Now humanity is on the verge of a crisis that will lead to an entirely new social structure, with America leading the way.

The world has changed direction, and in order to ensure survival, humanity will now have to establish a new system of social order where each person receives what he or she needs for existence, and dedicates the rest of one’s energy to the benefit of all. There’s no other direction to go, no other frontier to develop. The world must cut its ties to the past and reinvent itself.

The new ideal, the new and improved American Dream, will not be a dream for Americans alone or of any other individual nation. It will be a global dream for the entire world. A new spirit will flow through humanity, making it clear that we cannot continue to live as before and we must put an end to our unrestrained egoism. A new time has come, and we need to begin with a new kind of relationships in every field of human engagement.

The US could demonstrate this change first, although it seems unlikely at the moment that it will happen smoothly. If Americans place the values of unity and consideration of others above the pursuit of money and control that the old-world capitalism prized, the change will happen quickly and smoothly.
If Americans place the values of unity and consideration of others above the pursuit of money and control that the old-world capitalism prized, the change will happen quickly and smoothly.

These noble values ​​may seem like a distant dream, completely invisible on the horizon at the moment, but they are destined to come to pass, either painlessly or through great suffering. If an educational campaign is put into place to raise public awareness and teach people how to organize and build a society based on mutual responsibility, the transition will be successful and smooth. This new dream is about a different collective consciousness that reconfigures socio-economic relationships from exploitative to considerate.

The New American Dream is a model for a future society where people live for the purpose of strengthening the connection between them, understanding that from within good human relations, the essence of life — full of warmth, joy, and confidence — is discovered. If the American society works in this direction, every resident will feel like a loving and encouraging mother on the one hand, and a cherished family member on the other. The new American Dream will not be based on our wealth but on the quality of our human relations. This is truly a dream world from which neither Americans nor the rest of the world will wish to wake up.

The Journey Of The Virus Around The World

Laitman_143Question: In Saudi Arabia, the situation with the coronavirus is very bad. The country is rich, people do not lack anything, and they do not violate quarantine. But the virus seems to occur on its own. How can this be explained to ordinary people?

Answer: There is no way. Viruses do not arise from the fact that we transmit them to each other. They jump from one person to another because we treat each other so badly. And nothing can be done about it. This is happening in Saudi Arabia, in Israel, and in Russia—everywhere.

Until we change our attitude to each other, the virus will not leave us. This applies to all regions of the world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/17/20

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What Affects The Change Of Desire?

laitman_543.02Question: How can desires and needs disappear because of the crisis? The crisis, as a force from above, artificially compresses the spring of desires, and it only grows because of this. What causes my desire to change?

Answer: You contradict yourself at the beginning and at the end of the phrase. The crisis does not come from above, it appears inside of us since we have played enough with these “toys” and now we are tired of them. So we begin to get rid of them. This is what is happening.

We exist within the sphere of nature. And we play something until it starts to degenerate. Then the crisis comes: I can’t play anymore, I can’t act this way, I don’t want to interact with others like that. All this comes from within us involuntarily; we do not even realize it.

As a result, it turns out that we come to a crisis in our relationships.

Question: And what affects the change of desire then?

Answer: Our incompatibility with the absolute, altruistic, good sphere we exist in that is a mismatch to the upper world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/17/20

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Life Lessons

Laitman_198Question: Each of us experiences difficult moments in life. And then we ask ourselves a question: “Why do I deserve this?” Do karmic laws really exist and each person deserves what happens to him?

Answer: This is partially true and partially not. In every person, there is a source of his soul. He is born with a certain set of properties and has the experience of previous cycles. And now he must continue them and achieve the goal of his existence: to reach complete similarity to the Creator.

Thus, his starting point disappears somewhere in his past cycles and his end point in his future cycles. And at the moment, he is carrying out a certain program. Therefore, everything that happens to him cannot be accidental. All this is absolutely predestined. In this way, he is directed to the goal.

Question: Should each person learn a lesson from this?

Answer: Yes, if he wants to. If he strives for this, then he is helped from above, he is given a certain environment, and then he can learn these lessons and move quite consciously.

Question: Based on the current situation, has humanity learned this lesson? What should we understand from the situation with the coronavirus?

Answer: Our world is an integral system, which a wave of pandemic is passing through now. For the first time, it is passing all over the planet. Throughout all of history, there has been nothing in the world that would touch everyone without exception.

We are shown that our world is truly an absolutely integral, closed system, and we must accordingly bring ourselves to complete internal balance.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/24/20

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A Baby Boom Won’t Happen

laitman_559Remark: As soon as the pandemic began, psychologists and doctors assumed that it would bring a baby boom—the birth of children. In other words, people would be together more, which would lead to a higher birth rate.

Now, when the same parents who initially had thoughts of having children were questioned, it turned out that more than half of the people have scrapped the idea. People don’t want to produce offspring at all; they don’t want to give birth.

My Comment: They don’t see a continuation. In the form we are shown our live’s today, we are shown a dead end. So why continue anything at all?

Question: In the most tragic situations of the First and Second World Wars, and so on, people thought about procreation, and now suddenly they don’t. Isn’t this a paradox?

Answer: This is psychology. At that time, it was not psychology, but more simply a physical condition. But here it is a state of mind. We are going nowhere, for nothing. What for? All this is suppressed.

Question: Does a person need to cope with this?

Answer: Now the question is not about giving birth, but about uniting. If this number of people could come closer to each other internally even a small distance, the world would be different.

Now everything is moving to a spiritual relationship. If I am drawn to a person, that is it. If not, then no. Previously, it was physiology; there was some kind of impulse, pressure from within; nature demanded it.

And now nature does not require this. It wants to rebuild us so that if you have a desire to be closer to a person spiritually, then you will have a desire to be closer to him physically.

Then the birth of children will be the result of a spiritual rapprochement, not a physical one. And the child will be called the product of love.

Question: And then he will be loved and he will love his parents?

Answer: Of course.

Remark: So, maybe this is an indicator that we are approaching a really different era—the era of love?

My Comment: Yes. This will be wonderful.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/11/20

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To See The Creator

laitman_583.02Question: I am ready to believe that there is none else besides Him. But how can I see the Creator? There is no opportunity.

Answer: What do you mean there is no opportunity? There is. You are studying Kabbalah in order to see the Creator.

To see does not necessarily mean to see with your eyes. There are many different things and phenomena in the world that we do not see but we feel. Therefore, we must develop a sense that is above our matter, and then we will feel the Creator.

The Creator is a field. Do you feel a magnetic field, for example? No. But if you had an instrument that could sense this field, you would feel it. The Creator is also a field, but it includes everything in it!

In order to feel Him, you need to develop a special sense, a special instrument that will perceive this field, and then you will see that the attribute that you call the Creator fills everything.

The wisdom of Kabbalah engages in it and allows every individual to reveal the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/24/19

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Opposition To Unity, Part 5

Laitman_632.3Continuing the Family Line – Transmitting the Spiritual Component

Question: Many forefathers of the Jewish people—Moses, David,  and Solomon—took wives from the nations of the world. And only when the Jews returned from the Babylonian exile did the sages specifically stipulate that they should not mix with other nations. What was the reason for this?

Answer: It came from Moses who created a nation in the course of forty years of wandering in the desert. He divided it into tens and clearly stated the laws in each tribe. And then Jews began to fulfill these conditions.

Question: Can it be said that when they were on a spiritual ascent they could absorb any kind of people? The rest of them adopted their ideology and joined it. There were practically no external attributes. And then it disappeared.

Answer: Yes. In addition, the family line was continued by the father. And only from the sixth century did it begin to be considered by the mother.

Question: What is the reason for this?

Answer: In principle, this is all conditional because it does not matter. By father or by mother depends on how the spiritual component of a man is transmitted. It is about the conditions under which the upper force remains in the offspring and leads it further to the goal of creation, to unity.

As a result, if we look at the end of history, then universal unity should reach a state in which there will be no difference between Israel and the nations of the world, as well as between all tribes and other parts of society within Israel because everyone should merge and become as one. All this is still on the way.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 7/29/19

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New Life 1247 – How To Be Protected In The Second Wave Of The Coronavirus

New Life 1247 – How To Be Protected In The Second Wave Of The Coronavirus
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

Nature, through the coronavirus, is elevating us to the second level in human evolution in which there will be consideration for others instead of oneself. If we develop love for others, we will not have bad thoughts about them and this is the best protection against the coronavirus. I must examine how I relate to others, not just physically, but internally. Is my attitude good or bad? At first, we kept the general precautionary rules so as not to become infected with the coronavirus. Now, it is necessary to keep the general rules in order to not cause infection or harm to others. Good thoughts can bring us health if my neighbor and I become connected like a single integral system. If we convey good thoughts of concern for others and we bless each other in our hearts, all will be well.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1247 – How To Be Protected In The Second Wave Of The Coronavirus,” 6/1/20

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