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My new article on Linkedin “Bound by Common Thread

Everything is bound by common threads. Iron comes from the Earth and from stars, and gives us life by helping carry oxygen in our blood. Bacteria learned to create oxygen through photosynthesis some 2.5 billion years ago, which eventually enabled the evolution of humanity. Humanity has evolved over tens of thousands of years, and today’s babies are born with humanity’s accumulated knowledge preinstalled.

In fact, there is no birth or death, but a constant process of development of the same entity, which consists of all of reality. That entity, which kabbalah calls “a soul,” contains all of our properties, sensations, experiences, and thoughts.

Everything is common. None of what we regard as “we” is truly personal. Instead of fighting to preserve our selfness, we should connect to the common soul and feel the system of our complete interconnection. Without this, we feel alone, as separated and lonely beings. And worst of all, it is a false perception, the opposite of our true condition.

In truth, there is not a single cell, thought, desire, or motivation that does not come to us from others and does not travel from us to all of humanity and to the entire universe. We would all feel this were it not for our egos. Egoism, the sensation of entitlement, separation, and alienation from others prevents us from experiencing this total connectedness. Instead of absolute consciousness of our togetherness, we are in total darkness, surrounded by the walls of our ego.

But we are not destined to remain this way. We are destined to break these walls and become conscious human beings. This is why we were given society, so we could “practice” connecting with each other. As we strive to build caring ties among us, we emulate the pre-existing ties that compose reality and by that begin to feel them.

True wisdom does not come from accumulating knowledge, but from fostering connections with others, as the information from others flows to us and from us to others. The only skill we should learn is the craft of loving others, and then all the knowledge of the world is in our hearts and minds. This is why the solution to all our problems lies in warm connections, care, and mutual responsibility. These feelings and this attitude will give us not only social solidarity, but knowledge and awareness that we cannot even dream of as long as we are confined by our egoistic selves.

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