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People don’t realize the need for a kind mutual closeness that the #Coronavirus is pushing us to. But we have to speak of it and study the sources of our teachers-the Kabbalists—this will prepare society and elevate us.

All of us are repelled by the need for a kind mutual understanding and closeness, but otherwise nature will force us into it through suffering. Kabbalah students are obliged to explain to everyone that our future depends on embracing our closeness. Otherwise, the transition to it will be bloody! The future is near!

If we really are undergoing a transition to a new society, from egoistic to altruistic, this transition is incumbent upon the nation of #Israel. And if we don’t take this upon ourselves, then nature will force us—as usual, with harsh pressure.
We will be worse off than anyone in order to provide an example of closeness.

According to Kabbalah, if we are really undergoing a transition to a new generation, from egoism to altruism, then the only sure remedy against the pandemic is a good closeness between people, and especially between Israelis. This is what society and the government must focus on!
From Twitter, 7/24/20

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“How Exactly COVID-19 Changes Us” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “How Exactly COVID-19 Changes Us

I see how from one day to the next, the world is becoming more accepting and accustomed to its new conditions.

Of course, there is a lot of reluctance and tension at the boundary of this acceptance.

Human nature—the so-called “evil inclination” that prioritizes self-benefit at the expense of others—received a few major blows, and it is still swinging back with all of its might.

We try to hold onto our culture that glorifies wealth, fame and power, where we pit ourselves against each other and have no choice but to compete with each other to reach the top of our respective individual empires.

But nature’s evolutionary steamroller continually flattens out this evil inclination’s throes of death.

It infected humanity with a virus in order to awaken upon us a new sensation of a much greater interdependent reality, outside of our self-serving worldviews.

We have already undergone a major transition from resisting our new restrictive conditions, which we were forced into, to gradually coming to terms with them.

If we knew for a fact that this pandemic has saved us from a much greater hatred-infused blow that we would have inflicted upon ourselves, like a war, then we would be happy for our current state.

I understand that the virus has killed and infected vast amounts of people, and that many more have become financially and personally stressed. But if we could see the overarching global tendency taking place, then we would see that this current direction has spared us more suffering than if we had continued our previous ways.

For instance, I view it favorably that authorities are preoccupied with the health, well-being, and future of their own publics instead of complicating themselves on international scales. Likewise, people across the board fare better by being more essentials-focused instead of letting themselves get confused with the smorgasbord of surplus luxuries, which repeatedly fail to provide any lasting satisfaction.

Nature has given us something to be busy with, through which we can change our ways and start perceiving our surrounding reality afresh.

Also, today’s speed of change is unprecedented. Therefore, I very much hope that in the coming months, we will witness a more understanding and empathetic humanity, one more perceptive of the process it is undergoing, and a humanity that knows how to progress more smoothly to a well connected, safe, healthy and happy future.

“Making Sense Of The Global Anarchy” (BIZCATALYST 360°)

My new article on BIZCATALYST “Making Sense of the Global Anarchy

When you look at the world these days, all you see is anarchy. America is embroiled in an election campaign that’s so thick with hatred that one can only hope it will not end in a civil war. The EU has just signed a gigantic post-COVID recovery package, but the squabbling leading to the agreement exposed the aversion the member nations in the bloc feel for one another. Besides, we’re nowhere near a post-COVID reality, the package relies on an economic recovery that will not happen, and taxes on revenues that will not come, making the implementation of the package more than unlikely.

Meanwhile, the Middle East has never been a role model of stability, but today even more so—there’s not a single country in this war-stricken region that’s not disintegrating from within or whose economy is shattered and the citizens go hungry or both. Add to it the nearly signed China and Iran trade and military partnership, the tension between the U.S. and North Korea over the latter’s nuclear program, the deteriorating relationship between Moscow and Washington, and you end up finding Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov’s succinct statement very fitting: “The situation is very bad.”

In fact, the situation is so bad that when COVID-19 first erupted, it imposed a global paralysis that stalled the deterioration of the world toward a world war. But recently, the global outbursts of anarchy are proving that hatred spreads faster than even the coronavirus.

I am not pessimistic. When you look at the current chaos from the point of view of the end of the process, where all become one, it is clear that the only reason for the growing anarchy is to impel us to choose unity over dissension and antagonism. Moreover, because at the moment we are clearly choosing to fight one another for having different views than ours, anarchy is the only way to convince us that hatred doesn’t pay. As long as we are not convinced, anarchy will have to keep growing and inflict more torments on humanity. When chaos takes over and we have nothing to eat and no one to trust, we will be convinced to change course. But wouldn’t it be wiser to choose unity before all this happens?

When unity finally prevails, it will not include agreement among everyone. People were born different and will remain different for a good reason. Their differing views are expressions of the differences between them, which must remain. The problem is not that we are different; it is that we hate other people for not thinking like us, looking like us, speaking like us, and behaving like us, namely for not being us. The problem is our sense of entitlement and the conviction that only I am right, and everybody else is wrong. But if I hate people for thinking differently, even if they’re wrong, can it be that I am right? Can one nurture hatred and yet be right?

Hatred is the denial of another person’s right to a different opinion, character, race, faith, or anything that is not me. If I hate it, it means that I think it shouldn’t exist. In simple words, hatred is the denial of another person’s right to exist. Nothing right can come out of that perspective.

Contrary to our self-centered perspective, the world is one inclusive whole. Its elements complement one another so completely that no part can exist without its opposite. We can achieve unity only when we keep those opposites in balanced equilibrium. Night and day, summer and winter, birth and death, all those opposites don’t create anarchy. On the contrary, they create order, maintain balance, and sustain life!

In order to tap into that perspective, we must aim for the final outcome—the unity of all of humanity. When you place the unity of humanity at the end of the process and examine past and current events with union in mind, you realize that human development is moving inexorably in that direction. It is not a bad outcome. It is not a future of shortage or stress. It is a future of calm, prosperity, and mutual care for everyone. But because our egos resist caring for others, it depicts that future as grim and forbidding.

But calm and prosperity cannot be grim or forbidding. We can choose to approach our promising future quickly and pleasantly, working hand in hand on creating a thriving, diverse society whose members care for one another, or we can spurn the inevitable, insist on separation and hatred, and wait for reality to drag us to happiness against our will.

“Lack Of Jewish Unity Spurs Anti-Semitism” (San Diego Jewish World)

My new article on San Diego Jewish World “Lack of Jewish unity spurs anti-Semitism

The longer the pandemic lingers, the more the world will turn a blaming eye toward us, the Jews. Anytime affliction grows around the world, it directs its anger at the Jews. A few days ago, far-right white nationalist Canadian politician Travis Patron released a video stating, “What we need to do, perhaps more than anything, is remove these people, once and for all, from our country.” He’s not alone, and these ideas do not come only from the far-right. There is ample evidence of anti-Semitism on the left, as well, and even people who aren’t known for their extreme views express or share anti-Semitic social media posts.

Just like the Jews in Germany before World War II tried to convince the Nazis that they were good Germans but to no avail, Jews today are trying to convince the world that we are good people. They say that Jews donate to charity more than any other nation or faith, that they contribute to high-tech innovations that advance the world far above their proportion in the world, that Jews have given the world many great physicians, thinkers, artists, and entrepreneurs, and that they are ardent human rights activists. But the world largely responds with contempt. It may be ironic, but it seems very natural for anti-racism protesters to yell “Dirty Jews” at counter-protesters, as The Jerusalem Post reported on June 15. In other words, many people don’t even relate to anti-Semitism as a type of racism.

Jew-hatred is irrational. It doesn’t need justification (though one is always found) and it always grows when times are hard. But there is a very good explanation for it, though most Jews and most non-Jews are unaware of it.

The first Hebrew, Abraham, left his hometown, Haran, in ancient Babylon, when his countryfolk rejected him. Midrash Rabbah, Maimonides, and many other sources describe Abraham’s findings—that his people had become alienated from each other. He tried to bring them together, to help them rise above their egocentric attitude to one another. But instead of gratitude, he suffered their disdain. Eventually, they excommunicated him and drove him out of Babylon.

But Abraham succeeded. As he wandered west toward Canaan, more and more people joined him since they felt that unity above hatred is the right way to live, while those they had left behind wallowed in their hatred and eventually disintegrated. At the same time, Abraham’s people became a nation and continued to work on their unity, despite the many conflicts that arose within them. That ancient schism between Abraham’s group with its method of unity, and the rest of the Babylonians with their mindset of individuality, is the hidden root of all forms of Jew-hatred. And since the Babylonian culture had spread across the globe, there is not a single place on Earth without latent antisemitism waiting for a crisis to trigger it.

And if the ancient rupture isn’t enough to justify anti-Semitism, upon their exodus from Egypt, the Jews not only achieved complete unity (although it soon faded), but were also tasked with being “a light unto nations”—to spread that unity to the rest of the world. For nearly two millennia, the Jews had fought to keep their unity and be faithful to their mission. But some two thousand years ago, they succumbed to their egoism, which they called “unfounded hatred,” and were dispersed. Since then, they have become unfit to carry out their mission as a chosen people since their hatred for each other prevents them from spreading unity.

Because the Jews fell from brotherly love, from the motto “Love your neighbor as yourself,” into unfounded hatred, the world does not view them as the carriers of unity. But even so, it still regards them as responsible for the world’s troubles, and especially the wars. Ask any anti-Semite who is responsible for all the wars in the world, and they will tell you it’s the Jews. Although they are unaware of it, by holding the Jews responsible for all the troubles in the world, anti-Semites are saying indirectly that the Jews aren’t bringing peace. Inadvertently, they are admitting that the task the Jews were given at the foot of Mt. Sinai is still valid, and that not carrying it out is the reason for their hatred.

What then should the Jews do about it? Exactly what the anti-Semites (subconsciously) expect them to do: unite and project that unity to the world, be “a light unto nations.” Since the Jewish people are descendants of Babylonians from tribes and clans that were often sworn enemies until they joined Abraham’s group, if the Jews unite above their hatred, it will set an example and pave the way for the rest of the nations.

Ironically, the only cure for anti-Semitism is Jewish unity, and sharing it with the world. It turns out that the greatest danger to the Jewish people is not knowing their task.

Spiritual War For Peace

laitman_546.04Only women, united, can change the situation in the world and restore order in it. But, unfortunately, women do not actively express themselves. Every country has laws that allow women to demand access to leadership in order to properly organize life in the country.

Usually women are fighting for their own rights, for equality, and this is like a family showdown in the kitchen. But I am talking about spiritual warfare. A woman must understand that this is the most important thing right now and she needs to oblige the whole world like a mother makes her children study, clean up after themselves, go to school, and wash. That is how the role of women needs to be seen—as the mother of mankind.

The whole world expects women to start performing their role correctly and oblige everyone to realize and understand the spiritual goal of the world. When we connect with one another correctly, we allow the upper light, the higher force of nature, to enter into us and begin to work on us. This is the role of a woman, the role of a mother.

It turns out that the fight should not be for the rights of women themselves, but for their ability to influence society. Women lack knowledge, connection, and organization. If they want to move forward, they will have to learn a lot and in accordance with this, properly unite, learn about their mission, and with the appropriate wisdom and feelings, realize their purpose. There is no other way out, just like with a child who does not want to learn.

It is not easy for a woman to do this because throughout history she has been used to staying in the shadows. Only the right education will help. They need to start with small roles, and from that a serious organization will develop.

A woman must know the program and purpose of creation, the stages through which we move, and how they are achieved. And besides, women who begin to study today are preparing themselves to become leaders of society and humanity.

You must be aware that you are fulfilling a special mission and must be more persistent every day and ready to do anything to save humanity from the difficult trials that await us if we do not correctly implement this special stage.

I am sure that you are able to do this and I am ready to help in any way I can. I wish you success!
From KabTV’s “Women in the New World” 6/30/20

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Have The Right Thoughts

Laitman_630.2Question: We know that not all people have a sense of awareness. How can they rebuild that?

Answer: They can. What is man? Every minute he has a thousand different thoughts, among which more correct ones will arise.

It all depends only on what kind of environment he falls into. Therefore, it is necessary to organize the correct environment around us, then the right thoughts will arise and we will quickly go forward.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/10/20

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You Were Right!

laitman_448.3Question: In 2001, the year when the Twin Towers were destroyed in America on September 11th, you said that this is the first sign that showed the weakness of this system. I didn’t really want to believe it, but over the past 20 years, life shows that you were right. What was the basis of your saying this?

Answer: Only on the fact that in nature everything is arranged in such a way that it comes to its beginning, prosperity, and end. Therefore, I saw in these towers, and indeed in everything that happened and is happening in America, a sequential process leading to the need to change the system based on absolute egoism.

And here you will not get anywhere. We may not even catch a complete change of this formation, but it will happen. There can be nothing else in nature.

Our world is integral, global, closed in the form of a ball. Through our solidarity and consciousness, we must bring it to a state where we are correctly connected with each other and with the surrounding nature. We have nowhere to go from this.
From KabTV’s “Today’s International Situation” 6/18/20

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Individuality And Interconnection

laitman_557Question: Biologists have found that many living organisms can make collective decisions. For example, in some bacterial environments, uniformity is achieved by the release of a specific chemical. It may be a sign of danger that they are communicating to each other in this way.

A school of fish recognizes a predator faster and more precisely than individual fish. While separate people, even the most intelligent with a high IQ, still cannot solve the problems that a team solves. That is, there are clear manifestations of the collective mind.

But there is a paradox here: On the one hand, nature develops our individuality throughout history. On the other hand, we observe that it is not the strongest who survives, but the one who is more adapted to cooperate. How can this paradox be resolved?

Answer: Individuality should not be contrary to integrality, reciprocity, or the right connection with each other.

There are separate elements in any system. Each of them is very important and perfect in its own way. But the interaction between them must be calibrated so that in their feelings, influence, and combinations with each other, they feel that they are guided by their common interconnection. Therefore, one does not contradict the other.

On one hand, we would like to gather a team that would consist of genius and extraordinary people. On the other hand, there must be absolute interaction, connection, and integration between them. Otherwise what good are these individuals?

Question: So natural selection and coevolution seem to exist together?

Answer: The fact is that evolution is given to us by nature. But along with evolution, or perhaps in some ways contrary to it, nature requires us to unite and become more interconnected with each generation. We have not done this for many generations, and therefore, we suffer greatly.
From KabTV’s “Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/30/20

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To Feel The Plus You Have To Feel The Minus

laitman_546.02Question: If everything becomes absolutely magnificent how does a person move, to where or what can someone develop? It would be boring.

Answer: I understand that when everything is beautiful, clean, and good it is very boring. There is no dirt, swearing, nothing like this is felt, no nobility stands out against the background of something nasty.

But don’t worry. I can’t explain it now, but you will always have a possibility to build good above evil. And when evil exhausts itself, everything will be filled with such good; infinity and eternity will be revealed to you.

When we study this, you will feel it. You are right about one thing: to be able to feel plus, you have to feel minus. These two states must necessarily support each other in their mutual realization.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/10/20

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