The Changing World Order

laitman_523Question: Why is the old world order changing so quickly?

Answer: The time has simply come. The previous order finished its job; its energy is depleted, and now it will be reborn in a new state. As an alternative to capitalism about half a century ago, “monopolism” appeared, a game played by its main holders, the economists, financiers, and bankers who are managing the world.

Now, a transitional stage has arrived for the next aspect of human development in which the state of society will not be determined by money, but by the degree to which a society resembles nature, in other words, the degree of the correct consolidation of society.

This is qualitative transition for which several stages and unique leaders who are strong in spirit will be required. Their appearance as the heads of societies and nations and the connection between them will make it possible for the world to move toward a common plan.

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