The Transformation Of A Girl To A Woman

Laitman_198Question: What is the transformation of a girl to a woman on a spiritual level?

Answer: It is very hard to explain from a Kabbalistic perspective what it means when a girl becomes a woman, which is when she loses her virginity. This is a special Masach (screen) of the attributes of NHY.

This phenomenon is characteristic only of humans. As we know, animals have no hymen. But this is not what makes a girl a woman, it is the internal independence that emerges in a girl, who then becomes a teen, and then a woman.

It is the work on herself and, of course, the desire to give birth, to have a family, to unite with her husband, to have children around her, and to care for the family nest.

On the spiritual level, it is a very serious growing process, possible only when the female part takes on the attributes of the male part and turns them into female attributes. Malchut takes the last four Sefirot from Zeir Anpin and turns them into her ten Sefirot. In any case, the relations between men and women have to be good.

But everything is fulfilled only under the influence of the Upper Light and not by us. Therefore, we should not make anything up. We should use the method of Kabbalah and be happy.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/9/16

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