If Women Do Not Unite, The World Is Doomed

laitman_567.04Women must understand that if they do not unite, then the world is doomed. This should be the inner sensation of a woman. Men cannot help in anything here. The woman must fulfill her female role: she gives birth, takes care of the home, the children, and the future.

A woman must understand that if she does not connect with other women and does not take care of the world with them, then the world will be finished. No need for revolutions. Women only need unity and it will already change the world. In addition, no action will be required: the unification of women will eliminate the entire global crisis.

The whole crisis is between women, not between men, due to the fact that Malchut alone broke into many small Malchuts. If we put them together, this will be the correction. Women must know this well, and then we will have a real chance at achieving the correction of the world.

Only if we reach the stage of Bina, bestowal, can we acquire this quality called “mother.” After all, a mother gives, cares, feeds, and looks after the whole world. We must all find this power of bestowal—both men and women—and with the help of this power, we can unite among ourselves.

A man with a man and a woman with a woman can spiritually unite only to a certain height. But then we need to connect with the acquired force of Bina, and here we need women too.

Therefore, in our world as well as in the spiritual world, a perfect connection is needed between all men and all women so that we all come together, so that a perfect man, Adam, is born in whom there are male and female parts acting together.

We are already in a very advanced stage of pregnancy as a fetus, and we should be born soon. I cannot say exactly which month of pregnancy Malchut is now in. She really wants to start giving birth, but we are not ready yet. After all, to be born means to have the right desire for unity between us. Then we will break out of Malchut and be born in a new world, the spiritual world.

When we leave Malchut, exit the uterus, we immediately find ourselves in the spiritual world based on bestowal. We are not ready for this yet, and therefore, it would be a premature birth.

When the unification of women into one single woman takes place, everyone will feel that the power of women reigns in the world, like a mother who takes care of a child. So, all men will feel that this force of a mother, a woman, Bina, dominates them and that through her comes the power of bestowal, the inspiration to which all bow and are ready to listen to the voice of the woman who will begin to rule the world.

However, so far, each one of you individually has such a power of desire, but you cannot combine them together to make an impact. Try your best to unite. It all depends on you!

I really hope that we are entering a new era, a new humanity. If women’s strength grows more and more, men will feel how much they need female strength, and so we will move forward together. I wish you and your family health and happiness!
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson on the Role of Women in the New World, 5/9/20

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