Individuality And Interconnection

laitman_557Question: Biologists have found that many living organisms can make collective decisions. For example, in some bacterial environments, uniformity is achieved by the release of a specific chemical. It may be a sign of danger that they are communicating to each other in this way.

A school of fish recognizes a predator faster and more precisely than individual fish. While separate people, even the most intelligent with a high IQ, still cannot solve the problems that a team solves. That is, there are clear manifestations of the collective mind.

But there is a paradox here: On the one hand, nature develops our individuality throughout history. On the other hand, we observe that it is not the strongest who survives, but the one who is more adapted to cooperate. How can this paradox be resolved?

Answer: Individuality should not be contrary to integrality, reciprocity, or the right connection with each other.

There are separate elements in any system. Each of them is very important and perfect in its own way. But the interaction between them must be calibrated so that in their feelings, influence, and combinations with each other, they feel that they are guided by their common interconnection. Therefore, one does not contradict the other.

On one hand, we would like to gather a team that would consist of genius and extraordinary people. On the other hand, there must be absolute interaction, connection, and integration between them. Otherwise what good are these individuals?

Question: So natural selection and coevolution seem to exist together?

Answer: The fact is that evolution is given to us by nature. But along with evolution, or perhaps in some ways contrary to it, nature requires us to unite and become more interconnected with each generation. We have not done this for many generations, and therefore, we suffer greatly.
From KabTV’s “Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/30/20

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