My Thoughts On Twitter 7/24/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

People don’t realize the need for a kind mutual closeness that the #Coronavirus is pushing us to. But we have to speak of it and study the sources of our teachers-the Kabbalists—this will prepare society and elevate us.

All of us are repelled by the need for a kind mutual understanding and closeness, but otherwise nature will force us into it through suffering. Kabbalah students are obliged to explain to everyone that our future depends on embracing our closeness. Otherwise, the transition to it will be bloody! The future is near!

If we really are undergoing a transition to a new society, from egoistic to altruistic, this transition is incumbent upon the nation of #Israel. And if we don’t take this upon ourselves, then nature will force us—as usual, with harsh pressure.
We will be worse off than anyone in order to provide an example of closeness.

According to Kabbalah, if we are really undergoing a transition to a new generation, from egoism to altruism, then the only sure remedy against the pandemic is a good closeness between people, and especially between Israelis. This is what society and the government must focus on!
From Twitter, 7/24/20

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