To See The Creator

laitman_583.02Question: I am ready to believe that there is none else besides Him. But how can I see the Creator? There is no opportunity.

Answer: What do you mean there is no opportunity? There is. You are studying Kabbalah in order to see the Creator.

To see does not necessarily mean to see with your eyes. There are many different things and phenomena in the world that we do not see but we feel. Therefore, we must develop a sense that is above our matter, and then we will feel the Creator.

The Creator is a field. Do you feel a magnetic field, for example? No. But if you had an instrument that could sense this field, you would feel it. The Creator is also a field, but it includes everything in it!

In order to feel Him, you need to develop a special sense, a special instrument that will perceive this field, and then you will see that the attribute that you call the Creator fills everything.

The wisdom of Kabbalah engages in it and allows every individual to reveal the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/24/19

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