Life Lessons

Laitman_198Question: Each of us experiences difficult moments in life. And then we ask ourselves a question: “Why do I deserve this?” Do karmic laws really exist and each person deserves what happens to him?

Answer: This is partially true and partially not. In every person, there is a source of his soul. He is born with a certain set of properties and has the experience of previous cycles. And now he must continue them and achieve the goal of his existence: to reach complete similarity to the Creator.

Thus, his starting point disappears somewhere in his past cycles and his end point in his future cycles. And at the moment, he is carrying out a certain program. Therefore, everything that happens to him cannot be accidental. All this is absolutely predestined. In this way, he is directed to the goal.

Question: Should each person learn a lesson from this?

Answer: Yes, if he wants to. If he strives for this, then he is helped from above, he is given a certain environment, and then he can learn these lessons and move quite consciously.

Question: Based on the current situation, has humanity learned this lesson? What should we understand from the situation with the coronavirus?

Answer: Our world is an integral system, which a wave of pandemic is passing through now. For the first time, it is passing all over the planet. Throughout all of history, there has been nothing in the world that would touch everyone without exception.

We are shown that our world is truly an absolutely integral, closed system, and we must accordingly bring ourselves to complete internal balance.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/24/20

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