The Virus Has Identified Problems In The Family

laitman_543.01Question: The virus pushed people inside their families, and many have discovered how distant they are from each other. Could this make us ponder about some phenomena that lead to tragedies in relations between relatives?

Answer: Of course. People who had difficulty spending an hour or two a day with each other suddenly find themselves forced to communicate around the clock. It is horrible! We are not used to it; we are not brought up like that.

But on the other hand, we all experienced it, somehow got used to it, got to know each other. Maybe for many years we did not even know each other as we do now. So, let’s look at it positively.

The coronavirus created all the conditions for us to get to know our family. And now we need to correctly compare what happened before the virus and now. I go to work, return to my family, and do I see the same or not?

It was necessary that we somehow establish relations between us that we lacked before the virus, and now we can imagine them. After all, you will not run away from the family. Therefore, the virus gave us a very big gift: it forcefully imprisoned us together in one apartment.

What is needed here is what we have never done: particular, psychological, social work with people. We did not prepare people for family life, for example, a man for the role of father and husband.

I know this myself. Therefore, for my part, I made many mistakes in family life, and my wife on her part. And the children did not receive proper upbringing. That is, this is a complex problem that needs to be addressed.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/3/20

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