Coronavirus Consequence: Increased Divorces In China

Laitman_632.2Remark: As you know, in China people are very disciplined. They were told to sit in closed apartments and they sat. They were told to wear masks, so they did. Everything is very precise there. Therefore, the virus began to decline and China is returning to normal.

But there is a different question. People sat indoors together for a prolonged period of time. Husband with wife and so on. Now a flurry of divorce proceedings has begun in China.

The city of Fuzhou even introduced a limit of only 10 divorces per day. These are consequences of the virus: the collapse of families, the breakdown of relations between people.

My Comment: People in China are different in general . They worked 15-hour days. Suddenly they are together for these 15 hours. You can go crazy! They did not know each other.

They knew each other only when they interacted at home. That is all. Suddenly they saw: Is this my wife? It was not enough just to ask: What is your name? This is the extent to which many people currently do not interact with each other.

If they do interact, then it is not with each other. What about the kitchen? What are we going to eat? What is here and what is there? That is, outside of myself. Outside of you and outside of me. Something between us.

Question: Doesn’t it seem that the virus turned out to be a test of family relationships for people?

Answer: Yes, they did not have family relationships. They were forced to start a family, get married. They ended up together. Even though they had been living together for 20 years, this was not called life. Now it turns out that this is called life and family. No one agrees.

Question: You are known as an adversary of divorces. You always say that it is the last resort. The most extreme because the family has children and so on.

Still, how do people coexist? Now many are in this state—together in enclosed spaces, and suddenly they begin to notice each other, as you say. How can they not break up their life together?

Answer: First, we must accept a priori that we all are not angels. All of us are twisted by fate, by the upper force. None of us are holy. Naturally, we do not even know each other. We do not know ourselves. Therefore, you can change many, many times in your life. But when you have children you are responsible for them.

It does not matter what your relationship with your wife or husband is, you carry a responsibility for the children you gave birth to. You cannot buy it off with money. You must participate in their formation, growth, and education.

So, you can give millions to your children, but still, they will not consider you a father if you are not with them. On the contrary, you and your whole family may be starving, but if you are with them, they will consider you a father and will not blame you for leaving them.

Therefore, divorce is the most final, I would even say, beyond-final, foreign state. If there are children, I would not allow divorces. If there are no children, then this is another matter.

Talk to many, mostly to the fathers who left their children, and ask them how do the children relate to them? You will hear (I heard it many times in my life) that the children never approved of the father because he left them. He left them! He did not leave the mother, but left them! They perceive this as a betrayal. You cannot pay it off with money. Not with anything!

Remark: See what the virus has done. Still, a person should ask himself these questions.

My Comment: This is because there is no proper education. This is why they see family as such. The virus is doing us justice by gradually showing us, by exposing our entire system as completely unacceptable for the existence of the human race.

Education is what humanity needs. All resources, everything that is now being freed up, except for those necessary for existence, must be used toward education.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/18/20

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