In The Diverse Kaleidoscope Of Decisions

laitman_448.3Question: Today, the coronavirus is not only taking thousands of lives, it is also having a huge impact on the world’s economy.

Each country reacts differently to this situation. Unprecedented measures are being taken in the USA and Europe to support employment and consumer demand. In particular, the United States Senate decided to allocate two trillion dollars to stabilize the financial system in support of businesses and the public.

At the same time, national currencies are collapsing practically all over the world. It turns out that the whole world is financing the inflation of the dollar bubble in the United States, causing a contradictory picture.

In addition, Donald Trump announced his decision that the quarantine regime in the US would soon be weakened and subsequently completely abolished. It is as if he wants to raise the country through employment, through the economy, to give people confidence so they will feel this and support him in the upcoming elections.

What is your attitude toward the big picture? Who would you support in this situation? What do you consider most correct in this diverse kaleidoscope of solutions?

Answer: I believe that the most correct approach is for man to form the right attitude toward the world, the society, and himself. Only this can save us. Otherwise, if not this virus, another one will appear.

We are in complete opposition to the single integral system of nature; as we destroy it by all possible methods, we get such a reaction. Naturally, all this will not pass without consequences.

What is Trump doing? Everything he can as a businessman and as a person who has very few options and possibilities ahead. Or, he can completely surrender to a system that freezes all industry, all businesses, and then, of course, America will become a desert.

Can you imagine what this means to the leading and the most important country in the world?  The powerful industry, scientific and technological center, and suddenly, everything completely freezes! It is like freezing the whole world and bringing it to the level of zero.

Or, continue everything at full capacity. Half measures will not do anything. Trump will be criticized either way.

Therefore, I believe that, in principle, his decision, with his capabilities, is the only right one. He cannot stop a country like America.

Remark: Most Americans like this decision because now there will be a massive distribution of money, support for enterprises, demand, and so on.

But in the country itself, within the elite, within society, the media, there are great contradictions. As always, an unprecedented exacerbation of all problems is escalating before elections. And it is as if emphasizing that Trump is putting the fate of the American people at stake and they may suffer as a result. His decision may be risky, but it will lead to some kind of dynamics.

My Comment: I believe that this is also correct because it will help him make decisions with the resettlement of Hispanic people and all the rest. He will be able to close the borders where necessary. He can do anything. Because on one hand, there is an exacerbation and the virus, and on the other hand, people still get the opportunity to work and earn money.

In principle, at this point, he can modify as he wishes, and no one can blame him for anything.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Blows up the old Economy” 3/6/20

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