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laitman_628.4From above, a blow has come to the whole world at once, to all of humankind. And this is a clear signal that we are in the last generation and have come to one global system.

We are not treated separately from above, as individual countries, but we are perceived as one organism, which it strives to advance and return to the form of man, Adam, that is, to the form of one soul.

But how is it possible to recognize that my personal desire and the desire of society, of all of humanity, are equally important, and that I have the right to take care of myself only to the extent that I take care of humanity? This is very difficult because it hits the most painful egoistic point.

But this is precisely the integral accounting system that is operating in the last generation, and we are obligated to come to it.

If every cell in a perfect organism thinks of the whole body as itself, it is a sign that the body is healthy.

The spiritual world is in the same place as the material world and in the same desire to receive, which does not disappear, but is only complemented by the intention that changes its use. A person remains a person; the only question is how he uses his desire—for the benefit of his neighbor or exclusively for his own benefit.

Of course, we will continue to think about ourselves, but can we even begin to think about others just a little? Otherwise, we will get blows, one virus after another, which will force us to correct ourselves and gradually begin to think integrally and globally as one interconnected system.

But it will be a difficult path of suffering. One virus has infected the entire world and if we do not start thinking about each other, the pandemic will not stop, but will only expand.

The next virus will be such that I will not need to protect myself from it by wearing a mask and maintaining distance, but by protecting others. If I do not think about others, then I will feel bad myself, I will infect someone with the virus, and when the same virus comes back from them to me, I will really get very ill.

And this will teach me to take care of others; I will only worry about making sure that everyone around me is healthy and that no one gets infected with my virus.

If I pass this virus on to someone and then get it back, it will be a real blow. That is when we will start to think about how not to pass something bad on to our neighbor. These viruses will correct our intentions and teach us not to harm others. Nature has, in reserve, many ways to teach us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/20, “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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