Means Of Mass Isolation

laitman_202_0In the News (Hearst):  “Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace allow you to find and connect with just about anyone, from a coworker in a neighboring cube to the girl who played Emily in your high school production of ‘Our Town’ thirty years ago. Browsing these sites can make you feel connected to a larger community, but such easy, casual connection in an electronic environment can also have its downside. …

“According to Cornell University’s Steven Strogatz, social media sites can make it more difficult for us to distinguish between the meaningful relationships we foster in the real world, and the numerous casual relationships formed through social media. By focusing so much of our time and psychic energy on these less meaningful relationships, our most important connections, he fears, will weaken.”

Comment: According to current research, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks do not actually represent the connection between people and are more like a greenhouse for different undesirable phenomena. They say that they even bring up terrorists.

Answer: The media are the means of mass division and of keeping people apart from each other. There is nothing more divisive and harmful for everyone than the media and especially when they are called channels of communication. What communication? Who are they connecting to whom?

Those who know how to speak nicely and to beg or actually to entice people against each other, thus bring up ratings in the media. They care about nothing other than the ratings!

Question: How do you see the media and connection that aim at a positive beneficial direction in life?

Answer: As long as they are not the way that they are today! In any way whatsoever!

Even those working in scientific media channels that belong to universities and research institutions are professional go-getters and all the more so in the other media whether printed or not. Everything is sold and bought; there is no ideology. Everything is aimed only at harming people.

Question: But still, on the whole isn’t the media created according to people’s demands?

Answer: No. It is the media that create the demands in society and it isn’t society that demands from it. Unfortunately, they educate society this way over several generations in a sequence, so we witness regression and it is already impossible to go on!

Question: Does this mean that you believe that society doesn’t demand something “off color” like rumors, gossip, etc.?

Answer: Society demands whatever you feed it with, and what you get people used to. Everything depends on what is on the Internet, and with such promiscuity, what future awaits our children and our grandchildren?!

I see what they engage in and I feel pity and am sad to see what is happening to them! There is nothing we can do about it. They are in such a society that we cannot expect anything good of them.

Question: You find the media more responsible than the governments that are in charge of the media?

Answer: Yes, because there is a very interesting connection between the media and the government. The government funds the different media channels, each of which receives money from someone and publicize his views. Consequently only a couple of major directions are formed: the right, the left, colorful, etc. and it is all only in order to make a greater profit. Unfortunately today’s journalists are the most corrupt people.

The media need to be totally detached from any other goal except developing society.

Journalists have to be educated so that they will become independent. They have to depend on nature’s law and be independent of the government and business.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/23/16

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