Where Do The Delusions Of Humanity Come From?

laitman_628_2Question: If initially we don’t have a soul, then what in this world is considered to be a soul?

Answer: I don’t even want to talk about what is considered, because there are so many opinions and delusions in our world that it is impossible to list them. I am talking about what the science of Kabbalah tells us.

All the preconceptions of humanity are based on the fact that it decided to explain in its own way the great foundations of general nature, both material and spiritual, while it is comprehended purely by experiments, scientifically and provable by people.

You just need to conduct such experiments that will help you attain a soul and you will see all the mutual dependencies, connections, and divisions between its parts. In accordance with this, you would be able to describe everything that happens in the single desire that, on the one hand, is broken and, on the other hand, is interconnected in all its states. This is the subject that the wisdom of Kabbalah studies.

Question: So there is no greater myth than the myth about a person’s soul, because it is interesting to humanity and it’s difficult to attain?

Answer: That is why a lot of different speculations were created around it and charlatanism flourishes. So many different things are said about its location, in the heart or head, or it is even called the third eye. But our animalistic body is completely unrelated to the soul.

Comment: Some say that when body dies it becomes lighter by 25 grams and this is the soul.

My Response: Firstly, the body becomes much lighter than 25 grams. Secondly, if the soul leaves it, does it mean it has weight? How difficult it is for people to get rid of the prejudices of the material world!

The body is a desire, not a receptacle of a soul.

Moreover, we don’t even have the desire to acquire a soul, because the soul is a desire to give and we only have a desire to receive. The difference between them is in the intention, for whom do I use this desire: for myself or for others.


Comment: We don’t feel electromagnetic waves either, yet they exist.

My Response: You can detect the waves, but there is no way to detect the soul, because you yourself must create the device for its discovery. It is called the quality of bestowal or the intention to bestow.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/6/16

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