Revealing My Big Soul

We Are In the Center of All the Worlds I have to reveal a single reality, and in order to do this I need to find within myself the means that will help me accomplish it. Instilled within me are all the necessary forces to assist: the Creator, the creation, myself, the world, the friends, people, the teacher, the books, Rabbi Shimon and his group, Moshe, and the Torah, which is the program of the universe.

My “big” soul is the collection of these forces within a system of incredible vitality. I am standing before this big soul like a little child. It is mine, but I have to acquire and reveal it, to learn and activate it – all to the extent that I am able to do it correctly. It seems corrupted to me, although this actually isn’t so. It’s just that the current me is corrupted and this is why I see it this way. I need to correct myself and my attitude towards it.

Kabbalists explain to us how to burst open and uncover our own qualities, broaden the horizons of perception and feeling, and in doing so, to reveal this big soul in our desire.

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