My Thoughts On Twitter 7/3/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

It is only by turning to the Creator that we can be salvaged from the hardships. When we start turning to Him, we will understand that what matters most isn’t to be redeemed from the problems and misfortunes, since they were given to us only so we may turn to the Creator. It is therefore best to ask from the start for Him to bring us closer to Him!

We shouldn’t hope for the coronavirus to disappear soon. It won’t leave us alone, and more serious problems will arrive in addition. Soon, money, resources and food products will run out, and humanity will suffer tremendously. Besides this, tornadoes, storm clouds, locusts, floods, and drought are impending…

No attempt to create a world in which every person is considerate of others and cares about their wellbeing has succeeded! Such a revolution can only be implemented by the Creator, who will reveal a different nature in us. This is what we should try to ask for, as quickly as possible!

Humanity is starting to reveal that egoism is a force from above, and there is an upper force that is opposite to egoism, which we must turn to for help, so it will transform the force of evil into the force of good, into anti-egoism. Then we will start to live good, happy lives in the new, upper world!
From Twitter, 7/3/20

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