My Thoughts On Twitter 7/1/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Egoism is the foundation of the nature of our world. Hence we are unable to imagine the law of nature’s operation, which is not based on egoistic relationships on all degrees (still, vegetative, animate and human). It’s easier to imagine the end of the egoistic world than its correction!

Businessmen are interested in what is lucrative: what will be in demand tomorrow. The most in-demand thing in business now is to eliminate products that are not vitally necessary for the populace. Closing down unnecessary businesses is the most successful business!

In the impoverished chaotic world, nations will invest everything into expanding their military capacities. Instead of growing closer to one another, nations will think about how to keep enemies at a distance. It is impossible to think differently in the egoistic world. What we need is a solution for how to break free of egoism—the only evil.
From Twitter, 7/1/20

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