My Thoughts On Twitter 6/30/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

If people move towards changing the world by forcefully pushing property (giving out money, etc), this will be worse than instituting the Soviet regime. Any change in economic relationships must be preceded by the dissemination of knowledge about nature’s purpose and program with respect to the world’s development.

When this #coronavirus disappears, a more terrible virus will take its place. And so we will advance, spurred on by viruses. The wickedness of the ego is being revealed in the form of the coronavirus. We must compensate it with goodness, by covering the hatred with love. Until the angel of death is covered by the angel of life.

We’d better hurry up and realize that we are not in crisis, but in a new state of nature, and we have to adapt to it. As quickly as possible. Otherwise our fantasies about coming out of it will lead us to complete exhaustion. It’s better to be realistic about the current events and cut down on anything that isn’t necessary…
From Twitter, 6/30/20

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