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laitman_961.2Question: In the era of the coronavirus, there are people who are not afraid of anything. I saw videos of Italian mayors going out into the city and scolding people to return home. And they just walked around. Even in Italy! But there are people who, naturally, are law-abiding, sit at home and listen to everyone.

What should a person really be afraid of: that he will infect himself or infect others?

Answer: I am very glad that such a question is being raised. I have to think about others. And despite the fact that I don’t believe doctors and I don’t believe that I will become infected and could be a carrier of this infection, I still have to do what the doctors say so that people see that I care about them. Not about yourself, but about them.

Question: You mean a person should wear a mask to show that he does not want to infect others? Does this apply to mutual guarantee?

Answer: Of course! Primarily. How can I do things that can threaten the life of another? Life! Today it is a matter of life!

The virus is a program for taking care of each other. You do not want to take care of each other in your ordinary, egoistic desire? You do not want to think that you are one single, integrated system, a terrestrial civilization? Then the virus will teach you.

It completes what we could not complete by ourselves consciously and willingly. It forces us to do this.

Question: Will it be able to do something with us or not?

Answer: Nature can do anything with us. And in the nearest future!

Question: Is it possible to invert a person? I was thinking only about myself all the time. I was living in this way, this is our life.

Answer: Suffering will do it all.

Comment: It is a big problem to advance all the time only through suffering.

My Response: Not only through suffering! After all, we do not want to do it willingly! We do not want to do it within reason! It is impossible to do anything with us. Therefore, we call upon ourselves such actions of nature, such blows.

Question: Does it mean that the virus is something very intelligent?

Answer: The whole of nature is intelligent. It is run according to a specific program. If you do not fulfill this program, then other programs are turned on, and then the next ones, and so on. There are many of these so-called viruses in nature.

We call it a “virus,” but it is a program that is included in the general egoistic program and it slowly begins to turn. It is not breaking it yet! It just turns us a little.

Now this virus is revealed in animals, then it will be in birds, then, somewhere in the air, we do not know where, in all sorts of midges, mosquitoes. You cannot imagine what could happen! We will find ourselves in a hostile world where everything is against us because we are opposite to it, because we hate this world though our behavior! Look at what we did to it!

Thus, it will be breaking us. And we will have to treat this world differently. First, we will have to isolate ourselves from any egoistic, malicious, excessive use. We will not need millions of stores and all the other things that we piled up in our world during a single century. And we will slowly, slowly deflate.

Question: When will the virus understand that it has done its work?

Answer: This happens automatically in nature. When we start to spend less, pollute less, let nature start to clean itself up, when the oceans start to digest our plastic that fills them. We will see this on the land, how it becomes more fertile, birds will sing in the air. Everything will be beautiful and good. Nature will sing from its harmony, which we do not violate! However, this takes time.

We are not doing this yet. This is why we need to restrict ourselves, we need to obey these laws that nature now expresses. I sit in an isolated room and do not go anywhere. What else am I supposed to do? This is a law of nature.

When we all get into relative balance with it, it may begin to affect us in even more sophisticated ways so that we will become even more suitable for it, until we reach a state where our physical actions begin to affect our moral principles, our interactions with each other.

We did not want to go from the inside out, that is, by our awareness, by our feelings. We did not want to change our relationships and our attitude to nature in this way, but now nature will force us to do this in the opposite way; it will push us from the outside in until we change.

Question: Is the fact that I begin to think about how not to infect another a clear step toward nature?

Answer: This is involuntary. This is not yet at the level of consciousness, at the level of consent, of voluntary acceptance, and at the level of desirable action. But this is a start. Thank God, nature has started working on us.

Question: At what point will it if not leave us alone, at least tell us, “Now you can relax a little”?

Answer: When we come to a dynamic balance with it.

Comment: This is a very distant goal.

My Response: We do not want it to leave us alone. God forbid!

The thing is the attitude of a person, about the fact that he does everything not in order to abuse, to satiate himself with all sorts of peculiarities, but in order not to disfigure nature through this, and so on.

The program is inserted into us and we are obliged to obey it and change. There is no getting away from it. Either we speed up our process willingly, which is called Achishena, or it will put pressure on us, and of course, it will take more time and bring more suffering. However, the program is already inserted. That’s it! Now it will start running.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 4/6/20

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