Man Is An Integral Part Of Nature

Laitman_703.04Question: We find ourselves today in a reality where the universal interconnection, which we feel very strongly today, and our egoistic rejection naturally blend together.

The only way out of this conflict is to change the system of relationships between people and the system of values in society, or, to wait until nature corrects us with its blows, as the coronavirus in this case, or we ourselves must find some solution.

We are angry with nature and ask: “What happened? Why do we need such punishment?”

Do you think nature has a mind? Are we being punished for something or are these just evolutionary processes?

Answer: Man is a single entity with nature. We are in a completely closed system, and therefore, we cannot separate ourselves from nature or nature from ourselves. Therefore, if something happens, it happens in all nature, in the global integrated system.

Therefore, there should be no separate inquiries regarding man and regarding nature. We are part of it. The fact that, in spite of this, we still have the opportunity to somewhat control ourselves, evaluate, differ from nature, to study our dependence on it or its dependence on us, these are just our possibilities.

But they must be very clearly divided: first into what we can study and understand, and second, what we can change in it and in ourselves. Indeed, basically, our whole problem with nature is that we violate its harmony, our natural connection with it.

When humans were still at the animate level, and we all developed from this state, there were no problems. Man acted on the basis of his understanding, awareness, and sensation, like any elementary part of nature.

And then, when the mind developed in him, when he began to acquire selfish properties about six thousand years ago, he began to separate from nature, to move away from it, to oppose it. Relations different from natural ones began to develop between people: selfish, opposing nature. And at this point, the problem arose: the confrontation between nature and man, nature and human society.

Question: Where can one see in nature at least some hints of feelings or reason?

Answer: We can not see anything in nature because we pass everything through ourselves. And it turns out that in nature, in general, there is nothing, and everything goes only through us.

Question: Does nature have a purpose?

Answer: The purpose of nature is to bring all of us to integral equilibrium.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/16/20

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