Do Not Fear The Coronavirus

281.01Question: A simple person is afraid of the coronavirus. He is afraid that his family or loved ones might get sick. He cautiously ventures into the store armed with two masks, puts them on, and makes purchases for weeks at a time. Such is man’s life. Especially since mass media keeps exacerbating the situation.

Everyone has fears. I do too. How can one live and behave in such times? How can one adapt to this virus?

Answer: Calm down, sit, stop running around.

Man is not created to run around but to sit. And contemplate: how life can be different from the one we have created for ourselves in the latter half of the 20th century? It is a slightly different kind of life when you understand what you live for. Not just run, run, run until you drop and die.

We do not know where the coronavirus came from. By the way, it does not matter anymore. Let’s just say that it is a good thing.

Question: This is your advice for a regular person?!

Answer: Yes. The virus stops us. It says: “Stop, people! Earthlings! Look at what you have done with the Earth! You destroy everything you exist on. You are destroying the nature that developed you, created you, nurtured you, the nature where you live.”

Our world was moving toward a world war. There are such states in life, even in personal life, when in the middle of it, one realizes that there is no getting out, that it will definitely end badly, an unhealthy situation one cannot come out of. This was the state we were in.

Question: Are you saying that this virus saved humanity from a world war?

Answer: Absolutely! I am convinced that if not for this virus, we would have been dealing with a war in the very near future.

Question: Are you suggesting that we should be grateful to the virus?

Answer: Of course!

Comment: I am a regular person. Avoiding a war is definitely a good reason.

My Reply: We were approaching it! We had no choice! Being egoists, we kept advancing toward a state where only war could save us so that markets or anything else would be renewed. And then again, we would start running after we destroyed everything. And again, we fall into the same routine. This is what we do.

Question: In general, I understand this issue. But what do we do with the virus?

Answer: First of all, the virus is global. This is quite surprising. Look at the interesting things that nature, or the Creator, which are the same, has up its sleeve!

Comment: Indeed. He got to everyone.

My Reply: Absolutely! And quietly so.

Comment: And before this, we had fires, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, and it always seemed that it was somewhere far away. It only concerned those who lived there and nobody else. Suddenly, this little virus… It got to everyone! Absolutely everyone! This is amazing!

My Reply: And everyone agrees with it, everyone agrees! At first, some people said: “This does not concern us! Who cares?” But as soon as it came to us, everyone humbled themselves and got ready for it.

Thus, we must understand the special mission of this virus. There is not much to say about it. We must talk about ourselves rather than the virus. Not about how to protect ourselves from it but about how to transform ourselves individually and between each other.

Comment: So, I am sitting at home in isolation with my family…

Answer: So, think of why it is acting in such a selective way. It put you in isolation with your wife and kids. You have not spent time with them in 10, 20, 30 years.

Comment: Indeed. For the first time in a while; that is true.

My Reply: And now you can find out what their names are, what each one does, what grade they are in, and how much they have grown, etc. And now you finally get to see these kids, yourself, and your wife.

Comment: This is true, actually. This is how it is in my house too. I am sitting at home for the first time in a while. I used to only drop in for a quick break.

My Reply: Poor you!

Question: No, don’t say it. And all of a sudden, I am sitting, my wife is sitting, and we begin to talk about life and things in general. We even got to what you have been saying about our lives and our future. We started having such conversations.

I also wanted to ask you about the fear that inevitably exists in man. What advice would you give? How should we work with the fear of getting infected or infecting others?

Answer: How is it different from previous viruses? Did people not die from the flu or other diseases? We simply do not talk about it because we got used to a certain number of people dying each year. So, what?

Today also, what is the percentage? I am talking about the fact that we are raising panic for a completely natural situation.

Question: Does this allude to a higher wisdom that is pressuring us all?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Comment: This truly is something from above.

Rational people say the same as you do: the flu and car accidents take thousands more lives! Although, they too stay home. They also write, but they too are affected by it! The virus is inside them! What is it about this upper governance? What does it want?

My Reply: It is not something that the virus transmits to me. It penetrates me through my mind, through inner feelings! It is that kind of a virus. It works in our mind and our heart. This is why we have a different attitude toward it. Well, what is there? I drank half a bottle of vodka and forgot about it. This is different. Beginning with high ranking officials, presidents, down to the people who clean the streets, everyone is stricken by its power. And not because the virus infected or killed anyone.

Question: And this is not because the mass media is making it worse?

Answer: No! They think that they are doing it. There are many conspiracy theories today about where it came from, and the Internet, I suppose, must be full of it,.

Comment: Full of all this nonsense! So many theories, you cannot even imagine. While you insist that this is a targeted.

My Reply: This is done to shake up humanity, like a child. You shake him up to get all the nonsense out of his head so that he would listen and act differently.

Comment: At the same time, to shake everybody! This is incredible! From a president to a janitor.

My Reply: Yes. I am thrilled about it. “Happy is he who will be present at that time.” So, we are here during the turning point! This is a serious restructuring of the world! I hope that this will be an ideological restructuring rather than financial or psychological. This is specifically a spiritual restructuring, when the world begins to think of the purpose of their lives.

Question: Will the world change or forget like we forget everything else? Even the second world war, such catastrophes!

Answer: Everything that happens on the corporeal level is forgotten within a century. Maximum a century!

Question: So, this too will be forgotten? Will the virus also be forgotten?

Answer: If we allow it, it will be forgotten.

Question: So, we must not allow it?

Answer: No! We must understand that this is not a virus at all. This is an upper mercy showing us what a terrible world we have created, how we, in principle, suffer in it, and how dumb we are to turn ourselves into slaves.

I run to my car in the morning, start it, spend two hours in traffic to get to work, spend the day working to refuel the car and come home. I come home in the evening and watch some stupid TV show.

The next day, the same thing repeats for myself and my wife. And where are my children? I have no idea. In some activities that we pay for so we can work, and we work in order to pay for them, etc. This is absolutely terrible! It is awful what is going on! All those debts!

Comment: Such a vicious cycle, a constant rat-race all the time, non-stop.

My Reply: We have purposely created such a world for ourselves. Let’s think of how we can change it. The virus will help us. Indeed, the virus will help us do it!

Question: The virus will help us with this. Will it also help us leave all the fears behind?

Answer: There should be no other fear but one: to use the given moment correctly. That is all.

Question: To draw the right conclusions?

Answer: Yes. And the right conclusion is very simple: thoughts. Thoughts! Let’s think of what we live for and how we can build our lives differently.

We see that some little virus can turn us into very calm people: we can sit at home, we will not rush, we do not need billions; they will gradually disappear, thank God, there will not be much left of it, etc. We do not need any of it. We came up with money and all the riches to show off in front of each other in our endless egoism. Let’s change our aim.

And this is possible today. If the virus would act on us a bit longer, cleansing all of us, what would we do? Look: billions of people, what will they live on after the virus?

Question: I was hoping you could tell me: what will they live on? The economy is crashing, people are out of work.

Answer: Of course, it is crashing! You see, planes are grounded, ships are docked, there is nothing to trade, nothing to do. And we do not need any of this! We will provide ourselves with necessities, and that is all! Everything will be quiet.

Question: So, is this how we come to wholesome food and good relations? Is this possible?

Answer: Of course, it is possible. Why not? Unless the virus disappears. Without it, we are doomed to return to the way things were. For sure. Therefore, instead of the virus, we have to clear our heads and bring ourselves to a reasonable state.

Question: When you say that the virus will not go away, does it mean to clear our heads in order to?

Answer: In order for us to remain in today’s state, and much, much longer, in order for us to understand that we want to live for our sake. For our sake means for the state that I want to be in forever. This can be an appealing reason.

Throughout our lives, all we did was avoid the issue of death. The virus is offering us a new perspective: Do not try to run away from death, you can not avoid it. Let’s do something to overcome this imaginary threshold of death. We can do it. It is possible to be immortal. And the virus can help us do that.

Question: How can we become immortal?

Answer: We must rise above our egoism, which is killing us! Egoism is not only acting when we wish to show off in front of each other by being stronger or smarter than others. Egoism is confining us into a limited perception of the world through our bodies. Let us perceive the world through our inner structure—our soul. Then we will see the world quite differently: eternal, infinite, perfect.

It has nothing to do with religion. Let’s feel within ourselves how much we live in a perfect and eternal world. The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about it. It does not advocate any religion or anything else. It only develops the human soul. By this, we can become truly happy.

The billions will disappear one way or another. Man will have no need for more than good quality healthy food, normal clothing, and wholesome family. This is actually quite simple: better not to work for what you throw away. Working and throwing away, working and throwing away. All because my neighbor has a new car, I am still driving an old one, and so on. All this must disappear.

I hope that people will understand, through our materials on the Internet, that it is possible to reach such a state. Nature will help us do that. Otherwise, we will destroy ourselves.
Nature will help, and the virus will not leave us.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 3/18/20

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