My Thoughts On Twitter 7/5/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Until we are properly connected, the coronavirus will not retreat. The right form of connection is when everyone is ready to care about others. I have to go into the street worried about not infecting those around me, as if I’m the only carrier of the virus. Then the pandemic will disappear…!

Returning to the real news, namely, to the truth, requires a lot of hard work. We are used to eating spoiled foods, and have learned to digest them and to feel good. When faced with the truth, like fresh food, we’ll get indigestion of the mind. We need the upper light!

If I tell the truth in a world of lies, I will be known as a liar. This happened in the time of the 1st Temple with King Solomon, whom no one wanted to recognize as king. No one believed his wisdom. But in the Sanhedrin, the sages understood him. Who is left to understand today?

The greatest enemy today—Fake News (false, confusing information). It is transmitted instantly, consciously or unconsciously. Like a child’s game of telephone: the news are passed along the chain, but not a single word said by the 1st person reaches the 10th person. We are deaf!
From Twitter, 7/5/20

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