Epidemic Of Lies

laitman_293The general director of the World Health Organization said that false news spreads faster and is more contagious than the coronavirus itself. Therefore, we have to fight not only against epidemics but also against an “info-demic.”

The Secretary General of the UN said that the info-demic is our common enemy and offered to fight it together. What makes a person give out false and confusing information?

The fact is that we all live in a world of lies. Lies spread around the world and are passed from one person to another consciously or unconsciously. Everyone twists information the way it is convenient for them, hiding things that are not beneficial for them. That’s what everyone does.

It’s like the children’s telephone game: When the news is passed along the chain, not a single word of what the first person said reaches the tenth person. But when we grow up and become adults, we continue the same game, only the lies become much more serious.

Therefore, it is not surprising that our world is full of lies and you cannot rely on news that protects either the right ones or the left ones, stipulating the opposite side. Today, there is no independent media.

The coronavirus brought us to the fact that no one believes anyone because of false news spreading in all directions. The problem is that the media is no longer focused on the public, but is politicized, and it is conducting a war between the right and the left, between different interested groups.

Therefore, they always have money for this war; they no longer depend on whether the readers will buy this newspaper.

Today, newspapers do not depend on buyers at all, but receive funding from financial and governing circles. Therefore, there is no confidence in the information distributed in the media.

They print some unconfirmed medical reports about drugs against the virus. But why do people believe this lie and even seem to need it? There is a joke that if we now started eating only pure, organic food, we would be poisoned because we are no longer used to good, natural products that existed hundreds of years ago.

There is a great deal of truth in this joke, and the same applies to the media. We are not used to the truth, and every generation gets what it deserves. We accept the lie and enjoy it. We do not even pay for this false news; we get it for free. Lies beget lies: The generation is corrupted, and feeds on spoiled food.

But otherwise, there would be nothing to eat at all. So in the store we buy vegetables and meat, realizing that there are only chemicals and antibiotics inside, but there is no choice. You have to eat something. We live in a synthetic world.

No one needs the truth, after all it does not matter if a person would know it. The truth cannot be passed on, sold, or used if everything around is false. The truth in our world is like a foreign currency that is not accepted in this country in any store.

If I tell the truth in this world of lies, I will be known as a liar. This happened to King Solomon at the time of the First Temple. No one wanted to recognize him as a king. He made wise speeches, but everyone around him was so stupid that no one believed his words. Not until he reached the Sanhedrin, where the great sages gathered, did they already understand and recognize him.

In only one place in the whole country did they realize he was a wise man worth listening to. But today we do not have even one such place: not in the government, not in banks, not in any organization or party, and not anywhere else. Everyone is playing the same false game.

A Kabbalist lives inside his little world of truth and everyone around him thinks that he is irrational, detached from reality, and they do not listen to what he says. And that is a good thing because in the old days, the prophets were burned at the stake.

How is it possible to tell if the news are true or false? I follow the news but only in order to feel the trend of development and its speed. That is, I take into account not the news itself but its direction.

People are terribly confused by the news that spreads communications. In fact, this is not a means of communication but a means of disconnection.

What kind of correction should we make in society in order to return to truthful news? This requires a lot of painstaking work. After all, we are already used to eating spoiled foods, have learned to digest them and still feel good. The body is used to making corrections so that we even accept rotten food as relatively fresh. And if we consume really fresh food, we will have indigestion.

Therefore, here we need a very long way. And it is not only about food for the stomach, but also for the mind, soul, and heart. We must gradually get out of this lie with the help of integral education that the Kabbalists talk about. We need to explain to everyone that we live in a world of lies, and we need to get out of them because it is impossible to continue in this way.

The coronavirus will lead us to feeling the point of truth, to the final revelation of the falseness of life. We will see that such a life is meaningless and hopeless both for us and for our children. We are already approaching this insight. If we continue in the old way, we will destroy ourselves.

This end is already close because humanity understands that it has lost its way and direction and that there is no means to correct the situation; there is no cure for the virus. Or we decide that there is no choice and we must reveal the meaning and purpose of life, the correct way of existence, and find where the truth is in our life.

Human beings are the most intelligent, developed, knowledgeable, and have made our lives such that they are completely depreciated. And this is because we are guided not by reason, but by feelings, and cannot overcome our emotions by reason. Therefore, feelings play with us, pulling us in different directions, as they say, “Let’s eat and drink because tomorrow we will die anyway.” Let’s hope that this attitude will change.
From KabTV’s “The World,” 5/26/20

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