Team Building Guide, Part 4

laitman_528.03Principles of Forming a Team: Preserving Individuality

Comment: The third rule: a careful attitude to the personality of each friend so that no one loses one’s individuality.

My Response: We should assume that everyone is making the utmost effort depending on how much they have absorbed our course and understand its importance. Therefore, everything he does, he does as a result of our efforts.

In other words, I look at a person as a mechanism that is acting now as a result of my influence. And if he does not act correctly, I should attribute this to myself and say that this is my fault.

Question: Besides the rules of the circle, which allow a person to express themselves without fear of criticism, what other exercises can be recommended to preserve a person’s individuality?

Answer: I think they should do a lot of talking among themselves until they understand themselves and others and until they get used to the fact that everyone has their own freewill, their own ability to interact with others. Through these interactions, they will gradually begin to learn about human nature, and thus they will have the ability to tolerate each other.

Question: What is their interaction? What other interaction can there be that allows them to display their individual inclinations?

Answer: They must infect each other with a positive virus. After all, everyone who comes to a group that is engaged in connection begins to receive creative inspiration from it, meaning how to gather together even more and how in the connection with each other to reveal the force of mutual bestowal up to the force of love.

Question: For many years I worked with groups in the army. When groups are formed there, people go through many different states. External circumstances cause very strong changes in them. They help each other, go through various physical activities, and create some kind of relationship between them, and so on.

What will happen here? Where will all these experiences come from?

Answer: As we give people different tasks, there will be tension in the team and they will feel to what extent this is doable or not.

Each person will have some functions in the group but people must exchange them periodically: someone responsible for printing the study material, someone for physical meetings, and someone for preparing coffee, and so on. They must serve themselves.

The individuality of each person can be manifested in the fact that he tries to invest as much as possible in the group, in its connection. To the extent that he invests in the group, pushes it to unity, he has the opportunity to come together with it to the revelation of the Creator.

Question: In any team, there is a person responsible for raising motivation. Should it be one person or should everyone be responsible for team spirit?

Answer: At least one person should be on duty for such purposes.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/18/20

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