Team Building Guide, Part 3

laitman_544Principles of Forming a Team: Equality

Question: The second rule is the work on the main principle in the team that is called equality. We clearly see that we all are different, we all have different potential. What are the team members equal in?

Answer: Despite the fact that we have different potential, by being together and working for the same goal, meaning for connection, and relative to it, each one, to the extent of their efforts and abilities given to them by nature, becomes equal to others. Therefore, there are no juniors and seniors, lucky and unlucky, among us. After all, we all try to connect. Everyone makes as much effort to connect as one can.

Comment: Yes, but we are talking about some kind of relative equality. In the outside world, we see that one person is making ten kilos of effort, and another is making one kilo of effort.

My Response: So what? If you can lift ten kilos and I can only lift one kilo, can’t we participate in the work together?

Comment: We can. However, I want to receive accordingly. If I lift more, I want to have more respect, attention, and everything else.

My Response: Naturally, you will receive it. Of course.

Question: Then this is already inequality. If we are talking about some kind of relative equality, what will it be manifested in?

Answer: Equality is manifested in the fact that everyone gives to the extent of their physical, internal, and moral capabilities and receives in accordance with this. Everyone receives from making an effort.

Comment: Yet I, with my egoistic perception, cannot know what a person’s capabilities are. When I look at him, I see that this person is constantly underperforming. I think he can do more, but he does not. Naturally, this causes irritation and conflict.

My Response: This should be decided by the force of the team. If the team knows how to influence each of its members correctly, then everything will be fine, and if not, then there is nothing that can be done.

In principle, equality is not how we understand it in the corporeal world. After all, equality must be conditional. I cannot lift ten kilos and it is easy for you, so what kind of equality can there be?

It means that there must be some general framework accepted by everyone that everyone can observe and adhere to. One must make “X” effort to comply with them and the other must make an “X + 2″ effort, but this depends on the potential.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/18/20

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