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laitman_621Question: How will consumer demand change now during the pandemic? What should entrepreneurs and business start-ups focus on?

Answer: We have come to a state when humanity must grow out of its egoism. Therefore, all clearly egoistic enterprises will gradually fade away. This is a matter of the next few years.

The point is that in the next generation we must reach similarity to nature—integrality and dependence of everyone on everyone. Although it seems to us that the egoistic society is developing, in general it already is in internal stagnation.

I believe that the blows of the coronavirus are the beginning of stagnation. Nature will no longer allow us to do anything we want with it. We cannot open any businesses with impunity, absolutely recklessly, and spoil the environment just to make money and not know what to do with it.

We have a big task ahead of us, to understand how to balance ourselves. I think that with the release from self-isolation, we will begin to feel for the first time that we cannot get back to the usual egoistic, capitalist world, up to the point that we will see how people have changed. We will see that they are disgusted with everything that is associated with the desire just to earn, to suppress others, to be proud of how much money you have in the bank compared to others.

Exit from the crisis will not be easy. People will not really want to go back to their previous lives. They will suddenly feel that it is not easy, that they have some other attitude compared to the pre-coronavirus period. At least we will not be opening barbershops for dogs and things like that on every corner. There will be no unnecessary business. People will be confined to more normal universal values.

Nature itself will no longer allow us to do this, along with the sociological situation. There will be up to 70% unemployment in the world and we will not be able to create completely unnecessary positions for them.

It may not be the future of tomorrow, but Kabbalah suggests that this 70% should be moved to universal education and paid a stipend the size of their salary. The remaining 20 to 30% of the population will be engaged in necessary, vital work for humanity, not in order to sell, buy, and then sell for even more.

This is how I see the immediate future. I very much hope that it will be so because if not now, then after a while we will still come to this.

We are also part of nature, and it will not allow us to further pollute the environment, waste natural resources, and so on because we have already reached a reasonable limit. This is why all kinds of viruses are emerging. We still have many similar surprises from nature ahead of us. I believe that the coronavirus is the first stage of purification for us.

If someone wants to open something or create some business, they should act normally, sensibly, with a strong probability that they are doing something that people need and that they really cannot manage without.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/24/20

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