The Era Of Women Is Coming

laitman_294.3The coronavirus epidemic showed us how important the home and the family, which are the center of our lives, and the role of the woman on whom it all rests are. The coronavirus united us.

On one hand, it laid bare the contradictions that exist between us in the modern world. Nevertheless, it showed all men that the woman is the central point of our whole life, and therefore, we must try to build around the female part, the Malchut, the new reality of the post-coronavirus era.

Baal HaSulam writes in the book Ohr Bahir:

Ima [mother] comes from the word Omenet [nursing] and rearing, since the drop comes from the father, and the mother nurses and rears the drop, and divides into parts and organs, flesh and skin. All this work and multiplication is only from the mother, for the father gave her only a tiny drop, and with her craftsmanship, she fashioned it into a complete human being. It is for this craftsmanship that she is called “mother.”

A mother has a truly unique mission. Indeed, a drop of semen actually comes from the Creator and does not require a lot of work from the father. The mother divides it and distributes it into organs, and it grows until out of this drop a person develops who is the result of the work of the mother’s body.

This is how it works in physical bodies. But also in the building of the soul where the father and the mother participate together, most of the work falls to the mother. Everything comes from the paternal drop but thanks to the maternal work.

Pregnancy begins with a drop of the father’s semen, but the mother grows the fetus, gives birth, and then feeds him, cares for him, and takes care until he becomes old enough to live independently.

This is why all mothers, all the women of the world, should perceive the process we are undergoing today as an opportunity for humanity to be born like a fetus on a new spiritual level. If all women unite together, they will be able to raise humanity through labor pains. This is difficult work, but it is women who will be able to give birth to a new humanity and direct it to fulfill its mission.

The whole development of mankind is divided into two stages. Until today, men have ruled the world and it has been a time of wars, problems, conflicts, the power of money and violence. Women were almost invisible through the whole history of mankind, the path of violence and wars.

But now comes the time when it is the mother, the woman, who must take on the role of the educator of the world in its future form. This is the era of women, and therefore, she must know how to unite with other women for the sake of correcting the world. It may be difficult, but there is no way out. This must be done.

All women, the whole Malchut, are obligated to unite, and thanks to this unity give birth to a new humanity. But this is only possible provided that women can unite despite their reluctance, can step on their egoism and rise above it by faith above reason. Women will demand men and the whole world to unite to establish the right connections between all and thus lead the world to correction.

On the corporeal level, it is the woman who brings up and raises a new generation. And also in the spiritual system, only a woman is able to strengthen, give birth, and raise a new humanity.

No one but a woman can fulfill this role. As the mother develops the fetus, gives birth, grows, educates, and shapes a future person, so must women, united together, fulfill their role as mothers of all mankind.

The image of a unified woman should become the central force in the world. In this way we can save humanity and give birth to it in a new form. After women unite and come to one common, strong opinion, they will be able to demand everything from men, and the Creator will be on their side. Thus, women will be able to defeat everyone and establish the right order of human development.

But this is only possible after unification. The whole problem is that there is no unity between women, and therefore, no one perceives them as a serious force and or accepts their demands. Demanding spiritual advancement is possible only if you have spiritual strength, and spiritual strength is in unity.

Unite at least a little and see the power you have. Then you will demand and receive everything you desire. The Creator will do it. There are no obstacles on your path: as soon as you women begin to unite, the Creator will take care of you.
From a lesson “The Role of Women in the New World,” 5/9/20

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