The Role Of Women In The Correction Of Nature

laitman_591Question: You often say that it is harder for women to connect than it is for men. But if we take a closer look, we will notice that a woman today, even with three children, wants to go beyond the boundaries of her home.

She organizes all kinds of workshops, women’s circles, sees the value of connection, understands that we are living in a common field.

A woman gives birth; this is already some kind of experience of exiting herself for the sake of another person. A woman, in general, wants to make the entire world one big family, one home.

Do you agree that a woman is naturally more suited for connection than a man?

Answer: Nowadays everything is changing dramatically and I really see that there is a need to somehow revise everything. Suddenly, it turns out that there are more women in our circles than men.

At first, we explained it by the fact that women are not satisfied with their lives. After all, they have a family, a husband and children, and everything around them must be good and calm. This is very hard to achieve in our time. Therefore, we thought that perhaps women are dissatisfied and that this brings them to Kabbalah.

However, in principle, we see that today they do not really want a family: “Why do I need a husband and children? In general, it is possible to live without them. The Creator, spirituality, the soul, and the upper light!”

As for the fact that a woman is more down to earth and wants everyone to be connected, that is because her egoism is arranged in such a way. She feels that this will give the greatest fulfillment to her egoistic desires.

I think that today it already does not matter whether it is a man or a woman. Everything happens so equally that all gender differences are no longer differences.

At least the tendency is that more and more women are coming to Kabbalah. They are getting more serious, they are leaders. I must say that it has always been so: women lead humanity to serious goals. And men play. They go wherever a woman pushes them.

A woman is freer in her egoism than a man. Therefore, I really hope that we will have even more women and that they will show men how we should treat connection. It will be clearer to them.

Men can hug each other, walk, go to the sauna, and it seems to them that this is a connection. They are confused. Women are more sensitive to the meaning of real connection because they cannot even turn to each other without a need.

Therefore, we may yet see very serious changes in humanity regarding the role of women in the correction of nature.
From Lesson 5, World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/7/19, Turning to the Creator

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