Mysterious Power of Woman

Dr. Michael LaitmanA man in our world exhibits “macho” behavior towards a woman to show her that he is bigger, stronger, and more successful than her. This is natural behavior, although in spirituality it works the other way around. Since a woman gives birth to a new state and compels a man to advance, she is bigger and more significant than him. Similarly in this world it is the woman that gives birth to a new generation, in spirituality she creates the new step that brings us closer to the Creator.

Who makes a stride towards the Creator? Man’s role is to bring the power into action, but it is woman who actually makes this step; she is the one who gives birth to the next level. In this world, a man doesn’t give birth to anyone, he has more freedom and therefore can do whatever he wants. In spirituality, a man possesses freedom only to “serve” a woman’s ability to originate a new generation and together they approach holiness. A man contributes everything he has to help a woman originate a new “stage,” identically to our world, which is a natural projection of the spiritual world where a man contributes his semen and a woman develops it and gives birth to the next generation.

Question: What is it that a woman possesses that allows her to get semen and “develop” it?

Answer: She is empowered by two forces, the one of receiving and the one of bestowal. A man is granted only one power, bestowal, he is weak; this power alone is not enough to endure. A woman possesses both powers: receiving and bestowal.

Question: Does it mean that she symbolizes creation?

Answer: Yes, she symbolizes creation and at the same time creation is made for her sake; she is Bina, the higher mother. The father (Aba) only possesses the power of Hochma, the mother (Ima) has both Hochma and Hassadim and she knows how to organize these two powers to give birth to both parts (male and female) and then develop both of them. Conception, breast feeding, and adulthood, all these stages originate from Ima.

Question: Is this somehow projected into our world?

Answer: We have to understand that if we “draw” correction into this world in accordance with spiritual laws, we’ll observe a totally different world. Completely different family relationships between men, women, and children will emerge. They will acquire an entirely new shape, as it is said “I saw a reverse world.” And the other way around, if we don’t use the wisdom of Kabbalah, we’ll keep sliding down even more, it doesn’t matter how much we invest in new schools and social networks, nothing will work and eventually our world will reach complete degradation.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/14/10

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