My Thoughts On Twitter 7/21/20

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Love, Awe, and Faith are the properties of the network that connects us. We are linked by a single network above the globe. Let’s imagine it and begin to feel that it really exists and holds power. It is the Creator who awakens us to this connection, giving us strength and support.

Before we were simply tied together, but now, when we unite, we bring all the evil between us, all the distance, all the breakage that has been revealed. And that’s why this connection becomes so strong. Adam HaRishon was just an animal, an angel, before his sin. And after sinning he became equal to the Creator.

The breakage that occurred at the start of creation does not disappear. Otherwise, why was it needed? It is precisely because there was a breakage that we can now build connections above it and achieve unity that is “620” times greater than it was before.

Capitalism was supposed to be replaced by socialism 100 years ago, but it failed and resulted in two world wars. We’re ready for a change to real socialism, but there are no leaders, no masses, no plan. It is clear that the path of suffering will lead to a change of society. After all, the goal of nature’s development of “Love of friends” is mandatory!

UN Secretary general: “The international community must eliminate inequality on the planet before it destroys the world economy.”
– But the creation of a world community is possible only by bringing people closer together as a result of global education. Through understanding or through suffering, the world will come to this…
From Twitter, 7/21/20

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